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How to promote a Telegram channel

Telegram has evolved from a simple messenger to a platform with huge earning potential. Big brands create their channels and bots, and highly specialized chats and professional communities in various fields appear. Many people create their channels and want to achieve success in this. At the same time, success means not only the recognition of thousands of subscribers but also earnings. It’s no secret that you can make good money on a popular Telegram channel by placing paid advertising on it.

What a Telegram channel is

Any public created in the messenger can be considered a channel. Its difference from the public on social networks is the absence of the ability to comment. That is, information is published by one person, and all visitors can only be readers. A special feature of Telegram is the ease of use: all communities are included in the general list of chats, so you do not need to search for them additionally in the entire news feed. The user receives a notification when a new post is published, but you can disable this feature.

How to run a Telegram channel

Creating a channel is not tricky. But first, you need to decide on the topic — what you will write about and think over the strategy. If you want to successfully develop your Telegram channel, approach content creation with full responsibility.

Conventionally, there are several types of channels:

  • news;
  • expert channel;
  • author channel;
  • selections;
  • brand channel.


Determine your type. Analyze your potential audience and determine what will be relevant to them. Publish unique, original, interesting content, so you can promote the Telegram channel for some time for free, using word of mouth.When subscribers start to appear, the main task will be to keep them and turn them into regular readers. Only in this case, the audience will grow.

The channel should have its feature:

  • unusual publication style;
  • the brand’s internal kitchen;
  • presenting information with humor in your style;
  • current news of a narrow direction (books, cars, movies);
  • expertise — if you are a professional in your field and have something to tell the readers.

How to promote Telegram channels

Let’s start with the fact that the promotion of Telegram channels can be paid or free. Until you have no more than 1000 subscribers, there is no point in paid promotion. Do you want to know how to promote a Telegram channel for free? Let’s figure it out.

1. Content

We already wrote a little about it above. Your feature, strategy, content plan, and interesting texts — this is what will help you to attract the first readers without financial investments. Subscribers who visit your channel rate previous posts and may watch what you post for a while. It’s important to have a few catchy texts on the channel, and ideas in stock. This way, you will constantly keep the interest of your readers. Unique content is the best method of promotion, especially for channels created from scratch.

2. Tell your friends

Publish a post on social networks (Facebook, Instagram) about your Telegram channel. Describe it so that as many of your friends as possible want to follow it. Announcing new posts will help you promote the Telegram channel. The advantages of this method are obvious — you will reach friends who have recently followed you, and you will also be able to interest those who did not want to follow before. As experienced users say, such announcements bring 20-30 subscribers, but you should not do them every day.3. Feel free to ask your friends to tell about your channel on their pages or blogs.According to the word of mouth principle, several dozen additional subscribers can come to you.If we talk about a corporate Telegram channel, then you can leave a link to it on all company pages on social networks. Create an email newsletter between employees, and also ask them to talk about the channel on their pages.

3. Mutual PR

It is a very popular blog promotion practice. You can use it when you have the first thousand subscribers — this is the starting point when users will take your channel seriously. Look for channels with a similar theme to yours and approximately the same number of subscribers. Don’t see them as competitors. Among the readers of such publications, you will find your potential audience.

How to promote a Telegram channel using mutual PR:

  • in special chats or channels for mutual PR, find the Telegram channel that suits you, compare topics, subscribers, and coverage;
  • contact the administrator and offer mutual PR;
  • agree on the conditions of placement: time, how many hours the post should be in the top or without removal;
  • do not forget to coordinate the placement of mutual PR posts on different days so they do not overlap.

4. Selections

It is a great way to promote a Telegram channel. To get into the selection of thousands of people is unprecedented luck. In order not to sit and wait for such a miracle, you can create it yourself, with the participation of your channel, and post a selection on free blogs and sites on the relevant topic. You can agree in chats with other participants and create a general selection, place it in your channel and announce it on social networks. Such promotion in Telegram works and brings new subscribers.If you are ready to spend money to promote the Telegram channel, we will tell you about paid methods.

There are two main ways:


  • paid advertising on Telegram channels;
  • advertising on other social networks and blogs.


You can order paid advertising by contacting the administrator of the channel where you want to advertise or on the exchange. Both methods have their pros and cons. To launch advertising on many channels at the same time, choose an exchange. There, filter by the parameters you want, and you will see a list of channels. If you are just testing paid promotion methods, then advertising directly through the administrator will suit you. After getting acquainted with the price, you can agree on the terms of advertising. When choosing a channel for advertising, pay attention to the target audience, its growth, engagement (at least 20%), and the number of ads on the channel. You can see data on deleted advertising publications in Tgstat. In order not to waste money, evaluate the quality of the posts on the channel. You can also ask for feedback from previous advertising customers.There is an opinion that the effectiveness of advertising ordered on external resources (Facebook, Instagram) is lower. All because users reluctantly move from one social network to another. It is a minus. But there are also advantages, in particular low competition. You can advertise narrowly targeted channels and get live subscribers as a result.

All methods are good for the development of the Telegram channel. After all, if you do not attract new subscribers, there will be a very noticeable audience outflow. Without advertising, there will be no organic growth, and the channel will begin to fade. Do not expect that the income will appear immediately, it will take several months to develop the channel. Reinvest in advertising and use all available promotion methods.

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