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Why is it necessary to post articles on resources that do not correspond to target audience

One of the SEO promotion tools is the placement of external links on donor websites. At the same time, it is not necessary for the donor to have the same target audience as your website. There are many other parameters to consider while choosing a donor, and target segment can be partially ignored.

What is a donor website

A donor website is a resource that has links to the target website. It is impossible to get a quality increase in link weight without it. The recipient (an acceptor website) receives transitions from a donor page and static weight. In SEO practice, the concepts of acceptor site and donor site are inextricably linked. Only quality link donors can promote the website. At the same time, poor link weight can only do harm, as there is a risk of being sanctioned by search engines.

How to choose the right donor

In order to get quality external links, you need to choose the donor website carefully.

Topics of donor websites

Each website has its own theme and, accordingly, the audience. You don’t have to post articles on resources that are 100% relevant to your target audience. However, you should choose indirectly connected websites that have similar web queries. For example, if your website’s goal is selling children’s clothing, then good donors will be websites that write about children or for children.

Donor’s website trust

Website’s trust is the level of trust of search engines to the resource. This indicator is one of the most important while choosing a donor. You can use various metrics, such as Ahrefs.com, to rate a website. Note that trust indicators are quite conditional, because in the new niches the trust level of the website may be reduced, because all priority will be given to traffic projects.

Website relevance

Relevance is also an important characteristic. Websites that have not been updated for a long time are considered irrelevant. You should choose active resources that have fresh discussions, new publications, etc.

Donor content

Content of the donor website should meet several parameters:


  • uniqueness;
  • regular updates;
  • structured texts.

Is the donor website under the ban of search engines

It is also important to make sure that the donor is not sanctioned by search engines. Banning a website from search engine will not bring desired traffic to traffic website.

Age of a donor website

While choosing a donor website, consider web resources that are more than one year old. At the same time, avoid websites that have overdue domain payment for a long time.

Visual component and advertising on the donor website

Note that the donor website should not be spammed. That means that it should not contain too much commercial content. Excessive advertising on all pages is a negative feature of the website where you want to place links.At the same time, non-commercial media content, graphics, etc. improve perception of the text, help user to better understand the essence of the publication. Therefore, their presence on the website is desirable.

Donor’s SEO

You should check how the website optimization is set up as well. Analysis can be performed using online analyzers. In particular, you should check the download speed of the website, availability of micro-markup, site maps, Title, Description, H-level headers.

Links’ correlation on donor website

If the donor website mostly publishes external links, but it does not have backlinks, you should not choose it. Because the search engine will not trust such website. Serpstat module allows you to check how many backlinks the donor has.

Donor search engine results’ analysis

It is also necessary to analyze search results of the website. The higher the website in the search engine rankings — the better for the acceptor.

Donor’s geographical traffic

Find out which users bring the most traffic to your website. Tools like Similar Web will help you with this. You should choose websites with similar donor geographic traffic.

What links are useful for your website

In addition to attracting donors, links to your website can be increased in other ways. Link weight (link building) should increase gradually. Links to the website can be obtained in the following ways:


  1. Natural citation. The best thing for your site — accumulation of links to the web resource naturally, so that the links will be left by visitors to other resources, including blogs, social networks, reviews, forums. Natural backlinks have a positive effect on estimating link weight.
  2. Links from catalogs. Catalogs can be thematic, regional and multidisciplinary. You can leave a link to your website after registration or after paying a certain amount.
  3. Links’ exchange. Links’ exchange involves reciprocal placement of links on web resources. This exchange is based on agreement between two website owners.


Choosing a donor website should be made carefully, in particular, factors of ranking, geographical traffic, age, etc., should be taken into consideration. Choosing the right donor will help you avoid falling under the filter and make optimal website promotion.

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