Case: SMM promotion of Podolsky beauty salon

How to increase brand recognition and form an interested and loyal audience of potential customers

Input data


beauty salon in Kyiv Podolsky

Cooperation period:

November 2021 — February 2022


comprehensive SMM promotion, which includes the сreation of a content strategy, design, regular filling and administration of pages, launch of advertising campaigns, and monthly analytics in the form of a report.

Social network:


Project tasks:

  • to form brand loyalty;
  • to make it more recognizable;
  • to encourage the target audience to use the services of this particular salon;
  • to communicate with the audience.

Project’s feature:

at the beginning of the cooperation, the audience of the page was almost 5,000 subscribers, who were mostly recruited by black methods, which negatively affected the overall statistics of the account and the effectiveness of its promotion.

Target audience:

women (80%) and men (20%) aged 18 to 45 who are interested in beauty procedures and taking care of their health, living or working in the central part of Kyiv.

What did we do

Developed rubrics and formats for posts and Stories. We paid attention to video content, which was shot directly at the client's location and edited using special applications.

Developed page corporate style, including the main photo, highlights.

Monthly 2-hour photo sessions were held in the salon.

The content was posted with a regularity of 3 posts and 5 Stories per week.

Segmented the target audience and launched advertising campaigns with the goals of Interaction, Visiting the profile.

Actively used videos, the materials for which were filmed at the client's location. Implementation examples are on the salon’s page: video 1, video 2, video 3.


Completely updated profile style

During the first months of cooperation, Coverage indicators increased by 117.2% and interactions — by 66.9%.

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