The effectiveness of SMM in online marketing
on the example of Lanet.TV service's pages on social networks

In the difficult post-quarantine period for business, Lanet CLICK digital agency's priority is to develop so-called anti-crisis promotion strategies for companies that have been hit by the crisis and want to adapt to the growing competition on the Internet.

We will talk about the successful implementation of such a strategy on the example of the Instagram page of Lanet.TV app.

For reference: Lanet.TV is a specialized online television service that has become even more popular during the period of strict quarantine and self-isolation of Ukrainian citizens who were looking for how to have fun at home. Along with this, services offering TV viewing are becoming increasingly popular, which has led to significant competition in this segment. To expand the audience and increase the number of new registrations in the service, our agency used SMM as an effective promotion channel.

Use of targeted advertising for Lanet.TV Instagram page

To implement the above-mentioned strategy, our experts launched a number of targeted posts, which differed depending on the goals and interests of the audience.

Involving pupils in watching the All-Ukrainian Online School with the help of an online television service

The audience in this case was the pupils' parents. The text of the advertising post stated that with the help of the service you can not only have fun but learn as well, also advertising post provided a public promo code for new customers. In the visual design of the post was used graphics with a thematic image.

Advertising result: 6,367 clicks worth $0.05 each.

Offer for new customers to watch TV in quarantine using Lanet.TV service

In this case, the target audience was potential users interested in TV. Visually, the posts were designed with the help of thematic graphic creatives that arouse interest and encourage you to visit the website.

Advertising result: 9,643 clicks with a cost of $0.06 each.

Attracting traffic to the official website of the online television service

The target audience is people who, during quarantine and self-isolation, sit at home and get bored without being able to meet friends. Specialists of the digital agency shot a thematic video about the joint view of Lanet.TV with the company of friends, which encourages switching to the service for viewing content.

3-day advertising result: 308 clicks to the website for $0.09 each.


Providing competitions on Lanet.TV pages on social networks

During quarantine, the specialists of our agency provided the following competitions on various websites of the online TV service on social networks.

Competition together with SONY timed to the release of The Outlander new season

Viral mechanics allowed to collect about 1,390 comments under the competition publication, as well as to draw attention to the service from the new audience interested in watching series online.

Advertising result: 824 interactions for $0.23 each, about 1,000 new subscribers and huge outreach.

Competition for registration of new users in the service

This competition with valuable prizes in the form of two TVs and a SMART TV set-top box was held with the use of complex integrated mechanics. To participate in the contest, you had to subscribe to the Lanet.TV page on the social networks, leave a mark in the comments, and activate the public promo code provided by the service.

Advertising result: outreach by 127,360 users, 8,294 interactions for $0.05 each

Two-stage competition in the Facebook community of the online TV service

Specialists of our agency used a cross method: to participate in the contest on Lanet.TV page on Facebook, you had to subscribe to the appropriate page on Instagram.

Other ways to implement anti-crisis Internet marketing on social networks

Our specialists paid special attention to content marketing.

Thus, during quarantine, we provided users with up-to-date information on the TV content of the service by increasing the posts with recommendations, thematic selections of movies and series, as well as announcements of TV shows, movies, and cartoons.

Advertising result: about 100 likes on posts.


We also published thematic posts about quarantine with a call to stay at home and watch online TV, as well as humorous posts about quarantine restrictions, which carry the main idea — «we are on the same page».

The result of advertising: the rapid growth of subscribers on the Instagram platform. For comparison: on March 16 the number of subscribers to the page was 10,729, and on May 9 it increased to 14,401.



Thus, in general, competent content marketing and effective advertising campaigns launched by our agency's specialists allowed to increase the number of subscribers to the Internet TV service by 34% (3,672 people). Moreover, these are warm clients interested in watching TV online and, in the future, in connecting to Lanet.TV service.


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