Individual specialist consultations

Digital agency Lanet CLICK provides a full range of website promotion services: contextual advertising, SMM, SEO promotion, and email marketing.

All of these are effective marketing tools if used properly. And this requires some knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the level of a specialist when you do not understand the topic. At the same time, to understand it, you need to study it, at least superficially. Is it so easy to find time for it? Contact Lanet CLICK for individual marketing consultations!

You need an individual consultation
on Internet marketing, if:

  • You have a young project, and you do not know how to promote it.
  • You are not satisfied with the effectiveness of the current promotion strategy.
  • You want to expand your promotion and try new tools.
  • You want to understand the basics of internet marketing.
  • You want to decide on the possibility of cooperating with us.

Here you can get individual advice on your project — professional recommendations, advice, and assistance on any issues related to search engine promotion, social networks, contextual advertising, or mailing lists. Our best marketing experts and specialists in these areas will help you form an effective promotion strategy and make your project successful.

SEO specialist consultation

During the site promotion consultation, we will be able to answer your questions about:

  • how to check the site for technical errors;
  • how to analyze usability;
  • how to analyze competitors;
  • how to compare the site for compliance with modern development standards;
  • how to form a promotion strategy.

We also provide an SEO audit service, during which we conduct basic and detailed site audits. By ordering it, you will get a more complete picture and more detailed recommendations. What to choose: audit, or site optimization consultation?

If you are interested in receiving data and recommendations, choose an audit. But if you want to learn the principles of search engine promotion, choose a one-time SEO consultation.
Consultations are free for clients to whom we provide SEO services.

As a result, you will receive qualified assistance in identifying problems and shortcomings of the site, a list of necessary adjustments, and recommendations for promotion strategy. We will also explain why it is important to know the basics of search engine optimization.

SMM specialist consultation

Everyone who wants to declare themselves on social networks needs SMM consulting service: business — to promote the product and build the company's reputation; bloggers with a personal brand — to build a loyal audience, make sales, and build an image; startups — to attract attention and investment to the project.

During the SMM consultation, we will tell you:

  • about the features of each social network;

  • about setting up targeting;

  • about building a promotion strategy;

  • how to make a content plan;

  • where to get ideas for posts;

  • how to work with textual and visual content;

  • how to evaluate the work of the SMM manager, determine the KPI, etc.

As a result, you will get a basic understanding of working with social networks and will definitely not hire a scammer as an SMM specialist.

PPC specialist consultation

Contextual advertising is one of the most effective marketing tools, which requires a competent specialist. However, the consultation will help to understand the topic, learn the basics, and understand how this tool works in general, where the specialist spends the budget and how to properly distribute it and, consequently, save money and time.

During the contextual advertising consultation, we can discuss such issues and tell you how:

  • to analyze the business, niche, and competitors;

  • to analyze your Google Ads account;

  • to identify errors and shortcomings in setting up advertising campaigns;

  • to form a promotion strategy.

As a result, you will gain basic knowledge and understanding of the principles of PPC advertising.

We have given examples of consultations only for the most popular requests. You can order a consulting service from the Lanet CLICK digital agency in any area in which we work — for example, consulting on email marketing, SERM, copywriting, etc.

To find out the cost and duration of an individual consultation on Internet marketing, and discuss the format (personal meeting, online, areas of interest to you, etc.), leave a request on the website, and we will call you back!

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