reputation management on the Internet

Reputation management on the Internet is one of the essential elements of successful business development.

Most often, the management of the search reputation of the brand in the network begins when sales are declining. However, proper and timely work to improve the search reputation on the Internet will positively affect the brand status and increase the number of new customers.

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What is SERM

SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) is the process of creating a positive image of a brand/company using search engine promotion tools. In other words, it's managing what users write about your person or your business on the Internet. SERM promotion helps you create a clean information field around the brand and a loyal approach to your business.

SERM is part of Online Reputation Management (ORM), a set of actions to manage reputation in search engines. ORM creates a brand image and builds a reputation among customers.

Who needs an online reputation
management service

Every business needs reputation management on the Internet because it allows you to create a positive image among potential buyers. According to social research, more than 60% of buyers make decisions about buying goods based on reviews, and more than 75% do not go beyond the first page of the search results. Therefore, if a potential customer sees negative reviews on the first page, the probability of buying is significantly reduced. To avoid such situations, you should order reputation management in search engines. It will be helpful for companies looking to improve their image on the Internet and public figures who position themselves as a brand.

What does the SERM service include

Working with a reputation on the Internet is a large-scale project that includes several stages. These steps help you create a successful image of your company and establish communication with users. The SERM service includes:

  • Online reputation audit. Research to study the strengths and weaknesses of the company and marketing communications.
  • Search results monitoring and analysis. Gathering available information online on key queries and monitoring mentions allows you to track attitudes toward the company on the Internet, identify reputational risks, develop a strategy to eliminate them, and respond promptly to the negative.
  • Management and control of search results. Timely response to negative feedback in the search engine allows you to maintain a good reputation.
  • Remove the negative. At this stage, experts are displacing negative mentions through reputable articles and press releases about the company's products and services. They post them on the same resources where the reviews appeared and in other popular media.
  • Work with reviews. The negative cannot be ignored. It must be answered correctly to show the company's customer focus. Friendly and competent responses to negative feedback undermine its importance and inspire confidence in the company.
  • Work with search tips. Negative key queries periodically appear in Google's search tips, damaging the company's reputation. As part of this stage, we are working on removing them and filling the search engine hints with positive queries.

is needed

In today's world of modern technologies, reputation management in social networks is especially relevant because people are constantly shopping or searching for information about products on the Internet. However, it is especially important to seek the help of SERM professionals when:

  • there are no positive comments on the first page of the search results;
  • high competition in the selected field, or black PR from competitors;
  • information presented on the network is unreliable and untrue;
  • your brand is new, and you want to create a positive image around it;
  • your business is in crisis, and you are looking for new growth points;
  • users don't talk about you online.

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How does SERM work

The main task of SERM is to create content with a positive tone, post written materials on popular resources, and process feedback on various sites. There are two ways to manage your reputation and work with negative reviews: remove it or oust it from the issue.

If you want to remove the negative feedback, it is enough to contact the buyer and clarify the reason for dissatisfaction. If you have successfully solved the problem, you can ask the buyer to leave new positive feedback or remove the existing one. Additionally, you can ask customers to leave a comment in exchange for a bonus or discount on their next purchase. We do not recommend removing negative feedback on your own, as this may cause a new wave of dissatisfaction.

If you have not been able to solve the problem, you should displace the negative from the search results. The essence of this method is that links to such material in the search engine gradually drop. Experts create several positive materials and post them on popular resources. Such actions will displace negative responses to the second or third page of the search engine, and the probability that a potential customer will see them decreases.

It is important to remember that deleting negative information on the Internet or its complete absence can cause doubts in users. If there are too many positive reviews about your company, people will immediately understand that they are written to order. That's why Lanet CLICK specialists don't just remove negative reviews. We work comprehensively and use SERM tools so that everything looks organic and does not arouse suspicion.

Stages of SERM implementation

Lanet CLICK is a full-cycle digital agency. Here you can order SERM services and get the following works:

  • Evaluation of the information field, analysis of reviews, and any mention of the brand on the Internet.
  • Develop a strategy to displace negative content.
  • Creating materials with a positive tone.
  • Publication of new texts on relevant platforms and optimization of existing content.
  • Displacement of negative reviews from the first page of the search engine.
  • Placing articles and other PR materials on authoritative and well-known resources.
  • Providing further recommendations for improving the brand status on the Internet.
  • Complete monthly reporting.

Advantages of SERM for business

Through cooperation with Lanet CLICK, you get:

Audience trust

Thanks to competent work with the negative, the target audience will consider your brand reliable and trustworthy.

Control of any mentions

Constant monitoring of brand mentions in search engines and social networks and timely response to them will help you maintain a good reputation.

Increasing brand awareness

Positive feedback on popular social platforms and correct work with the negative facilitate the growth of the brand's popularity.

Expansion of communication channels

Monitoring the network space and working with the negative helps you find new effective platforms for PR, advertising, communication with the target audience, and options for cooperation.

We guarantee you a prompt response to negative reviews about your product. We make sure that potential customers who are looking for reviews about your company's product or service find positive or neutral information.

The cost of online reputation management depends on the project complexity and is determined individually. To find out the SERM price for your project, fill out a form on the site.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
SERMfrom 15000from 10000
Setting up teaser adsfrom 6000from 16000
Texts to orderfrom 400-
LSI copywriting for businessfrom 600
Site usability auditfrom 10000-
CRO and UX of a sitefrom 10000-
Analysis of web analytics indicatorsfrom 5000-
Running ads in price aggregatorsfrom 8000from 20000

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1. What does the SERM service include?
SERM is the creation of a positive image of a company or brand using search engine promotion tools. This service includes the following processes: audit of the company's online reputation, monitoring of search results, as well as its control and management, working with reviews, promoting positive and neutral reviews using the best SEO tools, removing possible negative ones, and working with search engines tips.
2. Who needs search engine reputation management?
Competent online reputation management is necessary for every business owner. Using this tool, you can successfully create a positive image of the company in your target audience's eyes. Since many consumers read reviews online before purchasing a product or service, the presence of negative ones can turn off potential buyers. Working with a reputation on the Internet helps to avoid such negative consequences.
3. What guarantees do we provide to the customer?
By ordering a reputation management service, you can be sure that our specialists will promptly respond to the appearance of any negative feedback about your company and the products or services you offer. Potential customers will find positive or neutral information when searching for reviews from other consumers.
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