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7 mistakes that prevent closing leads

Business owners are often concerned about why so many potential customers leave applications on the site to buy but few orders. Sales managers can say that these are poor-quality leads. However, you should check that the sales department does not make mistakes when working with potential buyers.

Lead processing strategy

The lead should be treated according to a clear plan. It will help analyze the actions and adjust the work of lead processing. It is necessary to classify the leads, identify options for their processing, conduct action testing, and summarize. It will be facilitated by an automated sales funnel in the CRM system.

Mandatory fixation

The way of processing each lead must be recorded. Because without this, it is impossible to understand the essence of the problem and solve it. Also, fixing it in the future will help you attract customers to repeat purchases.

Forgotten applications

Some customers are interested in the product but not ready to buy immediately. It takes some time (a month or half a year) to decide to buy a product or service. However, during this period, the potential buyer may forget about the company where he wanted to order a product or service. Therefore, businesses need to remind potential customers about themselves from time to time. Follow-up emails or email marketing can help. For example, make potential sample audiences and set up regular email distribution.

Neglect of the client

Sales managers can neglect unprofitable or difficult customers, especially if they work for a percentage. Under such conditions, the main forces of managers are directed to the processing of promising leads – easy to communicate and/or with a large budget. Therefore, if you notice this in your company, you should change the trend to avoid losing profits.

Lack of control of sales managers

It would seem that there is a strategy, a fixation but the problem of closing the lead is still unresolved. It can happen if there is no proper control over employees. It is sometimes impossible to close the leads without checking sales managers.

Delay in lead processing

In recent years, efficiency in communicating with customers has been more important than ever. Otherwise, all lead generation may come to naught. The longer the customer waits for an answer from the seller, the more likely he will turn to another company in that time. It is important to set up a lead treatment system to prevent this. You can use the following tools:


  1. Connect a chatbot that will automatically answer simple customer questions.
  2. Allow customers to place an order and pay for it yourself on the site.


It will help you not lose a client while the managers are busy.

Customer service failure

Customer service is a comprehensive experience of the buyer’s cooperation with the company. It affects both primary and secondary sales. Imagine that you have built a great system for closing the lead. However, after the order, the buyer interacts with the postal service, couriers, agrees on the terms and time of delivery of goods and more. Therefore, not only does your product create an impression of your company, the entire stage of the purchase must be acceptable to the customer. This experience influences whether the client will apply again and whether he will recommend the company to friends or relatives. Low reselling of resale and the absence of the grapevine are the basis for a more thorough review of customer service.

How to process lead properly

So, based on the foregoing, we offer you the following brief guidelines for working effectively with a lead:


  • create a strategy for working with the lead;
  • keep track of how each lead is handled;
  • condact  follow-up emails or email marketing;
  • work with all potential customers, regardless of the amount of their order and the complexity of communication;
  • control the work of sales managers;
  • do not allow a potential customer to wait long for a response from the seller;
  • take care of quality customer service.


These tips will help you avoid mistakes made when working with a lead.

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