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26 August, 2022

Targeted or contextual: which advertising to choose

Advertising on the Internet has become one of the most effective ways of business promotion. Companies actively use targeted advertising and PPC advertising to attract new...
13 July, 2022

How to attract customers to an online store

Internet trade continues to grow actively, so enterprising people decide to develop their businesses online. They create a variety of sites that can bring in a...
13 July, 2022

How to add a website to Google Analytics

To find out more data about your site — to see the target audience, analyze content, see how changing the structure and design of the site...
11 July, 2022

Medical website promotion

The fact that sales and services have moved to digital has not bypassed the medical field either. More and more people prefer to make an appointment...
08 July, 2022

6 major principles of work with remarketing

Before making a purchase, people browse various sites, read reviews, and compare products or services. Users visit sites on average at least six times before making...
05 July, 2022

Google video ads: how to launch

Video is rightfully considered the most effective format of Internet advertising. 80% of users would rather watch a video about a product than read about it....
04 July, 2022

Automated Google Ads advertising strategies

In the nearest future, expect fully automated ad setup. That is, the targeting functions in Google Ads will be replaced by clear strategies that, thanks to...
24 June, 2022

What are the types of traffic to the site

One of the main indicators for each site is traffic. What is it, and what are the types of traffic? Read further in the material.  ...
03 June, 2022

How to search for your ads on Google properly

Launching ads on Google Ads is a great strategy to increase sales and promote your website. After launching an ad, each website owner wants to see...
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