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How to attract customers

The success of any business depends entirely on the number of customers. The question «How to attract customers?» is always the first in the line if the business aims to increase profits by selling more goods and services. That’s why we want to discuss what to do to attract customers.

To create a unique proposition and attract customers, firstly you need to determine the brand’s target audience. It will allow you to think about a further plan for finding customers.


To define a unique proposition, you can use two approaches:


  1. Selecting a target audience before starting a business. It is useful to study web queries using special services and view hashtags on social networks at this stage. Form examples of test unique selling propositions and choose the best ones. To do this, you need to launch test advertising campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness. We also recommend you study the consumer habits of those who responded to the advertising campaign and get feedback from them.
  2. Changing or expanding an existing customer base. To do this, you need to research the volume criteria and frequency of procurement in the customer’s focus and the product or service. We recommend compiling portraits of those who buy more often and dividing their needs by type.


Choosing the right target audience will make finding and attracting new customers for your business much easier.

How to attract customers from a specific target audience

You need to create a unique selling proposition. Here are some ways:


  • Offer the lowest price on the market. This option is suitable if you can reduce the cost of the goods or services without compromising quality.
  • Focus on the product, and «hook» the customer. To do this, you need to create unique «chips» for your brand. 
  • Organize a good service. To do this, analyze all the pros and cons of your employees, quickly resolve any issues and eliminate problems. The same approach will help attract customers in the services sector as well.


To win people’s trust, your brand must be customer-oriented, that is, to meet customers’ needs and close their «pain».


Customer orientation is an important element of any business that helps attract customers and sell effectively. In any business, it is necessary to spend the maximum resources studying clients’ needs. It can make a business project more efficient and increase sales of goods and services.


There are several basic rules of customer orientation:


  • Treat customers with care.
  • Examine customer needs.
  • Strive to give customers a better product. It should be associated with changes in the range and modifications of goods and services.
  • Anticipate clients’ wishes and requirements and always and promptly respond to feedback.


Customer orientation begins within the company itself, which requires regular training on communicating with customers.

Customer engagement channels

Information about a product or service should be disseminated for potential customers to learn about them. To do this, you can use different customer engagement channels in terms of cost and efficiency.. Consider some of them:


  • Ads in places with high traffic. Such ads are sure to attract the attention of buyers.
  • Information dissemination through a circle of acquaintances. This method is suitable for attracting the first customers but very quickly loses its effectiveness.
  • Distribution of printed materials. It is good if postcards or flyers contain promotions to attract buyers.
  • Internet advertising, on television or in print media. It can be both banner advertising on the Internet and billboards. 
  • Rewarding the first customers with gifts or discounts. It can help you get your first sales and earn a positive reputation.
  • The right approach to a product demonstration. It requires the help of a merchandiser or designer. After all, how to attract a buyer to the store if not with a beautiful showcase?
  • Discount and bonus programs. The opportunity to save will attract many customers and «tie» them to your company.
  • Drawing of valuable prizes and holding lotteries — both offline and online. This method will expand the range of customers and increase brand awareness.
  • Design and appearance. It includes everything from printed products or a website to beautifully decorated physical stores.


To increase efficiency, such marketing activities to attract customers can and should be combined and combined in different sequences. After all, only with a constant reminder of your brand you can achieve a continuous flow of customers. You need to generate new ideas to attract customers constantly.

Advertising on the Internet

It is necessary to consider that nowadays, one of the most progressive and effective ways of customer attraction is advertising on the Internet.

It is often less expensive compared to physical advertising. After all, contextual or targeted advertising, SEO articles, and native advertising (mentions with links in various Internet sources) will draw attention to products or services and allow you to find new customers.

Also, online advertising is more mobile and flexible, taking into account the different interests and features of the target audience.


Customer search tools via the Internet work in full if the company has a website because some promotional ways are unavailable in its absence. To attract visitors, the site must be the main source of information about services and products, showcase and business card of the company.

How and what attracts customers from the Internet? How to find customers for your online store? Entrepreneurs are constantly asking themselves these questions.

  • Website promotion through SEO. Optimization by keywords, usability, structure and internal links will raise the site to the top of the search engine results.
  • SMM promotion. It means running groups and communities on social networks (Facebook, Instagram and others). This way of attracting customers is inexpensive but very effective. In some cases, pages on social networks can completely replace the site. To support the activity of community subscribers at a high level, it is necessary to generate quality text and graphic content, and to attract new subscribers or sales promotion, it is important to be able to set up advertising on social networks properly. 
  • Contextual advertising. An effective way to attract customers online. You can use the Google Ads tool for advertising a product or service, which allows you to quickly respond to the action performed by the user — search for the product with certain phrases or words. Contextual advertising is beneficial in the early stages of business development but requires considerable investment. Therefore, it is better to use the services of professionals to set up contextual advertising so as not to «merge» the budget.
  • Email newsletter. It is the distribution of emails with commercial offers to the email addresses of potential customers. With their help, you can inform customers about innovations and various promotions. It is also better to leave email newsletters to professionals who know how to prevent these emails from getting spam.
  • Teaser advertising. It is a message with the original picture and offer of goods or services, which appears on various Internet portals. The advantage of teaser advertising is that it is customized for a certain group of potentially interested users. But to create an advertising creative, you need to know what attracts the buyer.
  • Targeted advertising. It is explicitly shown to those who may be interested in it — your target audience, according to the parameters you specify: age, geography, hobbies, and so on. The advantage of such advertising — it brings quality leads who are ready to buy.
  • YouTube channel. Allows you to attract customers with interesting reviews and other business-related videos. All of these are good options for promotion.


The right actions and strategies to attract customers will help you increase sales.


But several mistakes can prevent this. A lot of money will be spent, but the customer flow will not increase if:


  • There is no clear portrait of the customer.
  • New methods of work optimization are not used.
  • Only a small proportion of available promotion methods are involved. 
  • There is no specific unique selling proposition, so the brand does not stand out from the competition.


The ways of attracting clients described above are only a part of the existing ones. It should be mentioned that each method of promotion will work differently in each case. To choose the best options for your business, you should experimentally try each potentially suitable way.


However, amateurism may not bring the desired result, as each method of promotion requires the use of special skills. For compelling attraction of new customers and preservation of constant, we recommendusing the services of experts. After all, only a competent specialist will tell you how and where to look for customers on the Internet.

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