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Lanet CLICK digital agency, together with the Retailers Association of Ukraine (RAU), invites everyone to attend the webinar “Retail is going online: personal experience”, where representatives of leading Ukrainian companies will talk about the difficulties and advantages of starting a business in the Internet world.

Who will speak at the webinar

Meeting experts:

  • Anush Tovmasiyan, co-founder of ISEI;
  • Oleksii Hulyi, owner of the “Techno Yizhak” network;
  • Nadiia Tarabanova, director of e-commerce operations, Silpo e-commerce operations office;
  • Dmytro Golovchuk, head of the Silpo e-commerce guest department;
  • Viacheslav Sauts, the marketing director of the Podorozhnyk chain of pharmacies.

When will it happen and how to register

The webinar will take place on October 11 at 11:00 in Zoom format. To attend the online meeting, please register using the form. Participation is free. The webinar will last one and a half hours.

What will they talk about

During the webinar, you will learn:

  • how to ensure proper comfort for online shoppers;
  • about omnichannel and the mutual influence of the Internet and retail;
  • how failures and difficulties make a business more innovative;
  • what do buyers prefer – offline or online;
  • what are the business prospects for the coming cold season;
  • which will reduce costs and increase customer interaction;
  • how to convey company values through the online environment.

We invite everyone to participate in the webinar. It will be dynamic and interesting!

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