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UTM tags: traffic tracking

UTM tags (Urchin Tracking Module) are URL parameters that allow you to track channels, traffic sources, keywords, and other influencing factors.

UTM tags architecture

Tags are added to the URL after the question mark and delimited by the ampersand «&», similar to GET parameters. They serve as an information transmitter to the server using a link.There are five universal UTM tags. Three of them are mandatory, and two are optional, i.e., they are not required to be used. Universal tags are available for analysis in major analytics systems, such as Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrika.

Mandatory UTM tags:

  • utm-source — traffic source: advertising platform, website, etc.;
  • utm-medium — traffic receiving method, i.e. a channel: search advertising, media advertising, email newsletter, etc.;
  • utm-campaign — company’s name, product, promo code.

Optional UTM tags:

  • utm-term — defines the keyword that led to the ad display;
  • utm-content — indicates a specific link in the ad if the other parameters match.

UTM tags generating

Tags can be generated in two ways: independently or with the help of a special service. The manual method is time-consuming and increases the risk of labeling errors. UTM tag generators allow you to create tags quickly, easily and without errors.

Campaign URL Builder

Official service from Google. The following fields must be filled: target link, source, traffic channel and company name. After that, the algorithm automatically generates a link with a tag.Advantages:


  • combined with Google Analytics, allows you to determine which company is the most effective;
  • links’ shortening option;
  • you can copy the ready-made URL with tags and paste it into the ad.

Tilda generator

This service provides UTM tag templates for Google Ads, Yandex.Direct, Facebook. You can create tags with your values as well.Advantages:


  • parameters for various advertising systems;
  • the ability to copy and shorten links;
  • transliteration and error correction function.


This generator has limited functionality. It is convenient to use for small advertising campaigns. To create a link, you need to enter values in the empty fields and generate a tag.Advantages:


  • simple interface;
  • transliteration.

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