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What the explanation in Google Ads is

The explanation is a useful feature from Google Ads that allows you to quickly find errors and make optimization decisions.If you notice a large fluctuation in the performance of a search campaign or ad group, review the explanation to quickly determine the cause.Explanations are currently in beta testing mode:


  • they are only available in search campaigns with a manual bid strategy or with an optimized cost-per-click strategy;
  • comments appear only for impressions, clicks and costs;
  • explanations appear when a certain percentage of changes is reached.

What the explanation says:

  • the effect of the change in the rate on the place and frequency of impressions;
  • the influence of the modifier on effectiveness depending on the type of devices, location, demographic features, audience;
  • dependence of clicks and impressions on the budget and its distribution;
  • speed of budget depletion depending on the average price per click;
  • impact of keywords and their statuses, audience change on effectiveness.

Advantages of using explanations:

  1. Saving time. In a few clicks, you will learn about the performance of your account and the reason for its change.
  2. Quick analysis. There is no need to use comparative reports or other means. Choose two date ranges and get an automatic explanation of performance changes.
  3. Precision. Get a detailed and comprehensive overview that will allow you to identify the reasons for changes in the performance of a campaign or ad group.

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