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What are look-alike audiences

Look-alike audiences are users whose interests, behavior, or other characteristics are similar to those who have already interacted with your site or pages on social networks. Working with such audiences allows you to target advertising and find your target audience effectively.Using look-alike audiences has a list of advantages:

  • Increasing outreach.
  • Saving budget.
  • Getting new customers.
  • Increasing conversions.

Before creating a look-alike, divide the base of your users into categories: 

  • interacted with advertising message; 
  • followed the link; 
  • stayed on the site for more than 2-3 minutes; 
  • registered or left contact details; 
  • made a purchase.

Based on these categories, create similar audiences and test them at work. It will help determine the most effective look-alike audience for your businesses.Don’t forget to set up geotargeting: specify the location of the users you want to show your ad to. It saves the budget and eliminates unwanted audiences. It is especially true for local business.And another important nuance! Any audience is aging, that’s why you need to update it. New customers with new interests and characteristics appear. Accordingly, new look-alike audiences are created on their basis.

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