SEO promotion for a large online store of trade equipment

How to ensure a 144% increase in traffic under the conditions of the site’s relocation of a large online store

Output data


a large online store of trade equipment engaged in the creation of a project, manufacturing, and installation of equipment for shops

Term of work:

6 months

The tasks we faced were:

  • increasing the amount of traffic to the site and attracting buyers;
  • ensuring the transfer from the old site to the new one, minimizing the loss of positions;
  • increase in conversions on the site;
  • working with priority 3 categories and increasing traffic in them;
  • growth of positions for high-frequency requests that were agreed upon with the client;
  • increasing brand recognition;
  • increasing the amount of non-branded traffic.

The problems at the start are:

  • moving from the old site to the new one;
  • high competitiveness of the niche


  • assistance in moving to a new site with minimal loss of positions and quick recovery;
  • selection of the correct semantic core and implementation of a well-thought-out promotion strategy to increase positions.
  • What was done

    Basic analysis of competitors

    To gain a deeper understanding of the topic, study the niche, and build an initial strategy for the development of the project, we analyzed competitors according to the basic criteria for evaluating and comparing the site.

    Technical optimization of the site

    Technical conditions and availability are the most important criteria for evaluating a site in search engines. It is necessary that the conversion pages of the resource (main, product pages, category pages, with the "Buy" button, etc.) are available for crawling and indexing by search engines. The site must not contain duplicates and irrelevant pages (404 and pages with internal 301 redirects).

    Works on technical optimization:

    - analysis of pages with response codes 4xx-5xx during the last 6 months for organic traffic;
    - setting up 301 redirects for pages where there was still traffic;
    - correct setting of the robots.txt file;
    - setting Canonicals so that search engines can correctly index the right page;
    - hiding from indexing individual pages of the site, for example, sorting (by price, popularity), search;
    - setting of breadcrumbs;
    - changing the format of all images on the site from PNG to WebP;
    - work with the site map (sitemap.xml);
    - speed optimization;
    - elimination of broken links and links with redirects within the site to preserve and optimize the internal weight of the site and save the crawling budget;
    - creation of alt and title templates;
    - analysis of the site for the presence of duplicate pages.

    Expanding the structure

    Adding new product categories and pages to the site.

    Building external links

    We posted links:

    - on forums (anchored and unanchored), necessary for the formation of a more natural link profile;
    - outreach links (searched for thematic sites and agreed with them on the placement of links).

    Writing texts for categories

    When we first started working together, there were no texts on the category pages. We compiled a semantic core for the main pages, and based on the semantics and textual analysis of competitors, we created and submitted technical tasks for the texts written by our copywriters.

    Meta Tags

    In the first month of cooperation, we implemented "manual" meta tags for the most priority categories; in the following months, we worked with formulas for meta tags for product cards. We also added missing keywords for which the client's site was not ranked but competitors were and added emoji to highlight the snippet, which will help increase the site's clickability in search engine results.

    Correct micro-markup

    Micro-markup is a special markup of data on a page that consists of code with tags and attributes. They highlight specific information that we want to make visible to search engines. For example, price, contacts, and company logo.



    Growth of clicks over the last 6 months


    Growth in clicks and impressions over the past 6 months


    Comparison of clicks for 6 months (there were 3.67 thousand; the last 6 months had 6.3 thousand clicks, that is, an increase of almost 50% in half a year)


    Comparison of organic traffic for 4 months

    All indicators compared to the previous period (before the start of cooperation):

    the number of users increased by 144%;

    conversions added by 45%;

    the rejection rate decreased by 13%;

    achieved goals — by 316%.



    Thanks to the work done, we achieved an increase in organic traffic (+144%) and an increase in the rate of conversions received (+45.65%).

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