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Bloggers’ advertising as a tool for business promotion

Do you have a brand business page but no sales? We will tell you how to fix this and about other useful things on our pages on social networks.To increase website conversion and attract new potential customers to your page, there are two options besides organic: targeting and bloggers’ advertising.Let’s analyze the pros and cons of these two options.There are many advantages of working with targeting:

  • An opportunity to test various creatives at moderate prices.
  • Advertising and budget control. If the performance indicators are poor, you can stop the campaign and try to change it.
  • Analytics. After providing an advertising campaign, you can see all the statistics in numbers — whether your advertising was effective or not.

But targeting also has one plus, which automatically becomes a minus — settings.If you don’t know how to adjust ads for your target audience or don’t understand metrics, then it can be a fatal flaw for your strategy.Advantages of cooperation with influencers:

  • Increasing trust in the brand. Bloggers often advertise goods and services on their pages, and despite the obvious advertising, followers trust them. Influencers often confirm their words with video reviews and photos.
  • Audience growth. For the blogger’s followers to subscribe to your page, the content must correspond to their interests.

Disadvantages of cooperation with bloggers:

  • Search and check. It is necessary to spend enough time to find a blogger with your target audience and real statistics.
  • It is difficult to predict what the result will be from bloggers’ advertising. ⠀


First, evaluate the influencer’s page according to the following parameters:

  • List of subscribers. Place of residence, age, gender and hobbies should match your target audience.
  • Subscribers’ activity. Check the account statistics, because the followers can be false. Check their activity: comments, likes and reviews.
  • Blog format. Familiarize yourself with the blog’s presentation style, whether it will be suitable for advertising your product or service.
  • Advertising experience. View the blogger’s previous promotional posts and the activity below them. Or ask the advertiser about its effectiveness and return.

How and where to find a blogger

  • Manually. Find a few top bloggers that fit your topic. Go to the profile, click on the arrow next to «Follow» and Instagram will show similar accounts.
  • At competitors. See which bloggers your competitors choose for advertising their products and services. Go to the bloggers’ profiles and determine according to the criteria whether they are suitable for cooperation with your brand.
  • Through the 22flr.com service. A convenient way to find Ukrainian bloggers. It collects many profiles that can be filtered by city and occupation.

And how do you look for an influencer for advertising? Manually, or do you use the services of the same people? Tell us in the comments!

Does blogger advertising give real results

This can be found out in several ways:

  • In Instagram’s internal statistics. First, record the indicators of coverage, interactions and the number of subscribers before publishing an advertisement with a blogger. A day after the advertisement, compare the indicators. Don’t forget to check Direct where your mail requests go as well. ⠀
  • With the help of third-party analytics services. They work according to a scheme similar to Instagram but eliminate the need for manual counting. ⠀
  • In Google Analytics. Its indicators are important when the goal of Instagram promotion is to attract traffic to the website. Analytics will show the number of visits to the website from social networks and the number of purchases made from them.
  • Using a promo code. Create a unique promo code, indicating which user gets the discount, and ask the blogger to include it in the ad. Thus, all buyers with a promotional code are a real result of the blogger’s work.
  • According to the statistics of publication. Ask the blogger for screenshots of the advertising post statistics. From it, you will learn the main indicators of reach, conversions and retention.

Have you already had working experience with influencers? How do you like the result? Follow our Instagram to read more helpful posts and share your thoughts!

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