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Search for a job in digital marketing in wartime

As a result of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, 53% of Ukrainians have lost their jobs. It is evidenced by a survey of the sociological group Rating. Among them are digital marketing specialists. We will tell you how to find a new job for marketers.

How to start a job search

We recommend you start your job search with a resume update. You need to indicate the last job and skills acquired in the position. If you are going to look for a job not only in Ukraine but also abroad, you need to write a resume in English.

Job search

You should not focus on just one job search platform. We recommend you consider the different options.

Social networks

You should start your job search from social networks. You can write a short description about yourself and add a resume to your social pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By the way, LinkedIn is an effective tool for job search in Western European countries. Also, ask friends to repost your posts. So you increase the number of people who will see your post.

Job search websites

We also recommend publishing resumes on popular job search sites, such as the well-known rabota.ua or work.ua. You can create one or more resumes and search for a job by submitting requests for desired vacancies.You can find work in the field of digital marketing on the following sites:


  • djinni.co — a job search resource where you don’t have to share your public data.
  • awesomic.crew.work/jobs and recruitika.com — vacancies for designers in various fields.
  • happymonday.ua/jobs-search — a site for finding remote employment and job in European cities.
  • hireforukraine.org — a site for job search abroad, created especially for Ukrainians.
  • uatalents.com — a job search site for refugees and displaced persons.

Telegram channels

You can also search for a job in Telegram messenger. There are special channels created where you can find jobs for digital marketers. In particular, an SEO specialist or a PPC specialist can look for a job here:


  • https://t.me/product_management_guild;
  • t.me/lobbyx;
  • t.me/wwjobs;
  • t.me/jobforukrainians;
  • t.me/uajobnow;
  • t.me/helpukrainiansjooble;
  • t.me/robotavidtata (There are many vacancies for SMM promotion professionals in this channel);
  • t.me/cresume;
  • t.me/OpportunityforjobUA;
  • t.me/thegravityagency.

Update your LinkedIn profile

As we mentioned above, LinkedIn is a social network for job search. Especially abroad. Therefore, you need to update your profile by adding up-to-date information about yourself. In addition, you can search for interest groups on LinkedIn. For example, enter «copywriting», «email marketing», or «web analytics» in the social network search engine.

Company websites

Another effective way to find a permanent job is to monitor companies’ websites. Open the websites of the marketing companies you would like to work for and go to a section like Vacancies or Careers. If there are vacancies that interest you, feel free to send your resume.In addition, a digital marketing specialist needs to look for a job not only in the relevant agencies. For example, media holdings also need SEO optimization of the site. Therefore, if you are a copywriter or SEO specialist, you can monitor the websites of well-known news companies.


If you are not ready to work full time yet, because, for example, you want to combine work with volunteering, then you can look for a freelance job and choose the number of projects on your own.


UpWork is the largest global freelance exchange. Specialists in various areas of digital marketing will be able to find work here — ASO optimization, link building, crowd marketing, etc.


Fiverr allows a freelancer to create their services, which the client buys. You can create an account on this freelance exchange for free.


Crises allow you to see your hidden resources and skills. And this, in turn, gives you a chance to change something in your life for the better. The main thing is not to be ashamed and to consider various possibilities. In addition, if you do not have the necessary skills, you can get them in free courses. Many educational platforms have given Ukrainians free access.

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