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Will AI replace copywriters

With the appearance of ChatGPT in Ukraine, conversations about it flooded the Internet for several weeks. Screenshots of correspondence with AI were published on the network – they found out when Ukraine will win the war with Russia, how to make a burger, whether the bot wants to destroy the planet, and where to spend the weekend in Kyiv. To these and other questions, users mostly received extensive and generally coherent answers. Therefore, some users even thought that a number of professions, including copywriters, will soon disappear due to artificial intelligence. For example, the bot can write several thousand characters of text in a matter of minutes for free. Is it really time for copywriters to think about another field of activity, or is it still not so clear? We figured it out, and now we have our own answer.

What is CHAT GPT

ChatGPT is a chatbot with artificial intelligence (abbreviated as AI). It is optimized for conducting dialogue with users. You can use the chatbot for free by registering on the official website of its developer OpenAI. At the same time, there is also a paid version of the tool ChatGPT Plus. By spending $20 per month, the user will have access to the product even with high traffic, receive faster-generated responses, and be the first to test new features.

Will copywriters disappear or adapt to market conditions

In our opinion, copywriters should not worry about it yet, as the tool is imperfect. Here are the main disadvantages of writing text with artificial intelligence:


  1. Factual errors. ChatGPT often makes mistakes or uses inaccurate data when answering questions. For example, answering our request “name the most famous works of Taras Shevchenko”, the artificial intelligence wrote, among other things, that “Long Live Our State” is supposedly the anthem of the Ukrainian People’s Republic, which was written by Kobzar. Therefore, everything produced by the chat should be additionally checked.
  2. Frequent use of stylistic, grammatical, and punctuation errors. The text written by AI, even if there are no factual errors, is unfortunately not yet a finished product. It must be carefully edited by a person because the chatbot does not take into account all the nuances of spelling.


We also note that copywriting is primarily about writing advertising and presentation texts for brands. Accordingly, it has a number of its own features. So, when writing material, the copywriter takes into account the required style and tone of voice, focuses on the potential reader, and learns and uses in the text the features of the brand (for example, USP, goal, competitive advantages), which AI does not know and will be able to ask from the company. Moreover, artificial intelligence for writing texts does not know how to creatively approach tasks, unlike professional copywriters.At the same time, we advise authors to perceive ChatGPT not as an enemy but as a helper. How to use artificial intelligence in copywriting is discussed in the next section.

How to correctly use artificial intelligence technologies for copywriters

Despite its shortcomings, ChatGPT can be useful for a copywriter. It can be used for:


  • generation of product descriptions on websites;
  • creation of publication plans for social networks;
  • writing short introductions to texts, etc.


Of course, a written AI will need editing. And to get a better text, it is worth writing down the question in detail. However, sometimes using ChatGPT really helps speed things up.

Our conclusion: AI is a useful tool for the copywriter, but it will not completely replace it. Creativity, understanding of the brand’s individuality, and analysis of information will always remain necessary for the advertising industry.

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