Contextual advertising
for a dental clinic

How we increased the number of calls and forms sent by lowering the cost per conversion


a dental clinic in Zaporizhzhia

Services provided by the clinic:

dental treatment, pediatric dentistry, dental implants, and orthodontics


increase the number of potential customers, reduce the cost per conversion


high level of competition

A starting point

Prior to cooperating with us, the client had advertising that did not give the expected result. After analyzing the account, we found a number of errors, such as incorrect goals (Contacts page), automatic conversion-targeted bidding, low ad performance, etc.

What we did:

Configured call tracking, as well as micro and macro conversions in Google Analytics. Disabled some micro conversions in Google Ads.

Worked out the semantic core, grouped keywords.

Created new advertising campaigns.

Wrote relevant, adaptive and expanded text ads.

Added ad extensions.

Added general negative keyword lists.

Set up a display network campaign.

Created a local campaign.


We launched advertising in mid-March, so the first month of work is incomplete. We received 66 appeals worth UAH 71.81 each. At this point, we've adjusted our budgets, analyzed our search queries, increased our negative keyword lists, and edited our ads to improve our quality. The following month, the cost of conversion fell by almost half.


Another branch opened in May. A 20% discount was given to new visitors in honor of the opening. We have launched additional search campaigns as well as campaigns with the corresponding offer on the display network. We have added a local campaign with a new address. As a result, the number of conversions increased by 77% and the price decreased by 76% (compared to May).



We were able to significantly increase the number of calls and forms sent by lowering the cost per conversion.

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