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How to track conversions from advertising

How to track the effectiveness of Instagram advertising?Conversion is a measure of the ad’s effectiveness. Usually, it is a specific user’s action on your website: registration, filling out a form, adding a product to the cart or order.To track online conversions from Instagram, you need to:


  • Install Facebook Pixel on the website.
  • Configure events.


Pixel is a piece of code that tracks website visits and users’ actions on it.


It is used to create audiences and set up remarketing as well.Pixel is created in Facebook Ads Manager and then added to every website page. ⠀


Pixel only tracks traffic to the site. To find out visitors’ behavior, it is necessary to enter the codes of the pages’ events that will correspond to the users’ actions. ⠀


To check the correct operation of events, use the Facebook Pixel Helper plugin for Google Chrome.


There is also a way to research the effectiveness of advertising for small businesses without a website. Interested to know? Read more on our Instagram!

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