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Google video ads: how to launch

Video is rightfully considered the most effective format of Internet advertising. 80% of users would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. We have prepared for you information about launching video advertising through Google Ads.

Video ad formats on Google Ads

True View In-Stream is a video ad where payment is charged per view. Money is debited when the user has viewed the ad entirely or within a certain period. Requirements for this format:


  • pre-download the video on YouTube;
  • allow playing videos on other resources;
  • open public access to the video;
  • the minimum duration is 12 seconds, and the maximum is 3 minutes.


TrueView Video Discovery is a text advertising block that consists of a frame and a video description. Payment: per click. A video is considered viewed when a user clicks on it.Requirements for video advertising:Pre-upload of commercial on YouTube and open access to view it. The following recommendations must be followed as well:


  • formats: AVI, ASF, QuickTime, Windows Media, MP4 or MPEG;
  • resolution: 640×360 (ratio 16:9), 480×360 (ratio 4:3)
  • maximum size: 1 GB.


Out-Stream is a format for smartphones that plays in applications and Google partner sites. Payment: for 1000 displays, but with two conditions: viewing more than 2 seconds, at least 50% of the video is displayed on the screen.To launch an ad, you need to upload a video to a YouTube channel to provide the URL while creating an ad. Bumper Ads are 6-second clips that you can’t miss. They rotate in videos on YouTube, partner sites, and in GDN applications. Pay per 1000 views. While creating a video ad in Google Ads, you must:


  • specify the final URL and the URL that is displayed;
  • add a banner with a size of 300×60 px;
  • add a name.


Masthead ads are a special format available only through the reservation of placement. The ad is displayed on the top of YouTube’s main page. Reservations are made through a Google sales representative. Payment: fixed price for 1 day or 1000 displays.

How to launch effective video ads

  • Make sure that the main point of the video is revealed in the first 4-5 seconds.
  • Match your message with keywords. It will allow advertising to get into relevant videos more often.
  • Add calls-to-action.


While creating an advertising campaign in Google Ads, choose a goal taking into account the format:


  • Brand awareness and outreach — True View, Out-Stream, Bumper Ads
  • Potential customers — True View In-Stream
  • Site traffic — True View In-Stream
  • Interest in brand and products — True View In-Stream, Video Discovery

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