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Facebook advertising

Why your ad is not being moderated

Is Facebook rejecting your ads one by one? To prevent it from happening next time, read a short list of unwanted content.


  1. Prohibited content. Advertising will not pass moderation if it concerns: tobacco products, weapons, medicines, goods from the 18+ category and others. See Facebook’s rules for a complete list.
  2. Before and after pictures. Abandon the classic method of comparative photos.
  3. Interactive elements. It applies to clickable elements on images, which often appear to be broken.
  4. Incorrect mention of social network’s name. The only correct spelling is Facebook. Of course, if you mention the network in a regular post, then you can write as you like.
  5. Personal characteristics. Gender, age, religious beliefs, ethnic origin —  such details can be specified while setting up targeting, but not in content.
  6. Negative ads. Don’t motivate users to buy with negative appeals or ones that depress the reader.
  7. Misinformation. Don’t promise customers specific results from using your product or service.
  8. Invalid URL. The link in the ad must match the one the ad sends the user.


Keep these rules in mind to avoid obstacles while creating ads. Write in the comments, how often do you have problems with Facebook ads moderation?

Basic rules of creating advertisements

How to create an ad to attract and retain the user’s attention? We have prepared for you several rules for designing effective advertising:


  • Choose the right color combinations and create contrast in your ads. Canva’s Color Palettes or Adobe Color tools will help you with this.
  • Direct instructions for users on what to do: click, go, order, pay.
  • Clean text from garbage: fewer words, more meaning.
  • Place accents in the text with good design and fonts.
  • Use situational marketing: holidays and hype events will attract additional traffic.
  • Gather ideas and inspiration from free resources: Pinterest, Unsplash, DesignerPics.


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Problems with ads displaying

Are you still having trouble with Facebook advertising? The post was verified, but it never appeared in the feed? There may be several reasons for this.


1. Lots of text on the image. If there is text on the picture, check whether you have not exceeded its permissible volume. To do this, use the Facebook text evaluation service. The algorithm of the social network will not show pictures on which the text occupies 20% of the area. Sometimes the system detects extra text while creating an ad. Then you will see a corresponding message. The rule does not apply to:


    • covers of books, albums, magazines and newspapers;
    • goods’ images;
    • footage from the game;
    • billboards and posters.


2. The rate is too small. Sometimes the selected bid turns out to be too low to win advertising auctions. In such cases, try running an ad campaign with automatic bidding. Determine the number of costs, and leave the control price field empty.

3. Audiences intersect. Ad groups can compete with each other for target audiences that intersect. Check it in the Audiences tab. To avoid conflicting audiences, run each ad on a separate group of people.


To appeal Facebook’s decision about your ad, file an appeal with the Help Center. If the refusal was received by accident, the network will launch the ad again. Share in the comments what problems you have already faced.

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