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Events on Facebook: creation and promotion

Events are meetings, concerts, webinars, festivals, and workshops. How to attract a new audience to your event using Facebook? We will talk about it in this article.Each user can view a list of events that will take place at a certain time in a certain place. They can be filtered by category (Arts, Dance, Movies, Party, etc.), by time (today, tomorrow, selected date) and by location.After creating an event, it will be on this list. But you have to prepare for a lot of competition as well, especially in big cities.

How to create an event on Facebook

This can be done on behalf of a group, business page or personal profile in the «Events» section. At the first stage, you need to choose the type — open or closed event. Only the organizer can invite to the closed one, and the open one is available to everyone. The next step is filling out the event page. What you need to fill in:


  • Event organizer: personal profile, group or business page.
  • Name: in addition to the actual name of the event, it is worth specifying the form (concert, webinar, party).
  • Location: in addition to the address, indicate how easy it is to find the venue (floor, nearby entrance).
  • Category: choose from the proposed list.
  • Frequency: how often the event will occur (once, monthly, weekly).
  • Start and end of the event.
  • Organizers: specify here the users who will edit the event or add information.
  • Schedule: if provided.
  • Keywords: these are the keywords that users will use to find your event during the search.
  • Entry conditions: specify whether pre-registration is required (for a limited number of participants) or a link to purchase tickets for paid entry.
  • Options: choose the people who can post to the Event.

How to promote an event

Create ad campaigns with goals:


  • Engagement: describe the event in detail in the ad text to attract the widest possible audience.
  • Traffic: drive people to the event page and encourage them to register or buy a ticket.

The campaign setting is standard. But while creating an ad, specify Facebook Event as the destination.In the Facebook ad cabinet, target ads to those who are interested in or attended the event. For this:


  1. Create audiences with the «Events» tag.
  2. Specify the criteria for selecting users: visitors to your event page, people who bought tickets or registered, etc.
  3. For each segment, come up with personal offers: a discount for the next event, a reminder about the event, etc.

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