Contextual advertising
for the medical center

Increased the effectiveness of contextual advertising
in the presence of obstacles to advertising.

Incoming data


medical ENT center in Chernivtsi.


to attract targeted visitors to the site for the diagnosis and treatment of ENT diseases.


there are several obstacles to the contextual advertising of medical centers. There are requirements and prohibitions of advertising systems: from attracting audiences and launching media campaigns to prohibited words in ads. It complicates the process of setting up advertising and running advertising campaigns.

Starting point:

outdated design and functionality of the site.

At the beginning of the work, we had traffic to the site from Google Ads contextual advertising without the correct analytics settings. The structure required changes, and the campaign needed to be regrouped.

What have we done

Set up analytics and tracking of targeted actions on the site.

Changed account structure to make it easier to manage your campaigns.

We've expanded the keyword list. To reduce non-targeted traffic, we've refined our search queries and expanded our negative keyword list.

Gathered the audience of interested users who visited competitors' sites or entered targeted queries in the search engine. Launched media advertising.

Worked on ads and extensions. We wrote the most relevant advertisements for each ad group, following the requirements of advertising systems. In rejected advertisements, we replaced words with medical terms with their synonyms.

Developed recommendations to increase site conversion.

Advertising campaign results

As a result of the work carried out in the first three months, we achieved the following results: an increase in advertising channel traffic by 34.54%, an increase in the number of conversions by 67.44%, and a decrease in the cost per conversion by 38.52%.


For the next three months, the client took a break from working with the agency and, without stopping advertising campaigns, worked on creating a new site. As a result, the client received the following results: an increase in traffic by 12.51%, conversions by 19.19%, conversion costs by 11.47%, and costs by 30.38%.


After the launch of the new site and the resumption of cooperation, after the next three months, we received a 123.90% increase in conversions, a 65.98% decrease in cost per conversion, and a 23.82% reduction in costs.



Our main task was to increase the effectiveness of contextual advertising and its further positive dynamics. With an integrated approach, this is better to implement.

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