Setting up Google Ads advertising for the service center site

How to increase conversions by 222% while cutting their cost by more than half

Input data


home appliance repair service center in Kyiv


  • optimize advertising costs;

  • increase the number of appeals;
  • reduce the cost of conversion.


  • high competition and, as a result, a high cost per click and a target audience with a short decision-making cycle;
  • small breakdowns with a low average check, it is unprofitable.

What we did:

Worked through key queries for typical problems and situations, as well as general queries and queries by the brand of appliances.

We have developed a logical structure for the account.

We created search campaigns for basic and additional services.

Funds were allocated between campaigns clearly aimed at attracting customers.

We worked out the message in the ads for the future client according to his search query.


After making changes in the campaigns, we saw positive dynamics, the traffic became cheaper and of higher quality:

  • the number of conversions increased by 47.83%
  • conversion cost decreased by 1.21%

Indicators for four months of work:

  • the number of conversions increased by 222%
  • conversion cost decreased by 65.6%


How successful contextual advertising can be from the moment of launch depends on many factors. The main one is constant monitoring of indicators and analysis of changes in efficiency. The next, no less important, period is campaign support and optimization. Almost all conversions came from the first click, since the home appliance repair service is urgent, so the search campaigns coped well with the tasks.

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