CASE: Setting up Google Ads
for an Internet provider

How to increase conversions by over 500% with a 40% cost reduction

Input data


Internet provider in Poltava



  • to set up contextual advertising in the search network;
  • to increase the number of new subscribers' connections;
  • to attract the target audience to the company's official website (previously the services of contextual advertising weren't used).

What we did:

Collected the semantics, developed the structure of the advertising account, and worked out negative words.

Separated search campaigns were created for each of the services.

Added brand requests.

Worked out queries with toponyms.

Created responsive ads.

Created promotional objects for promotional offers.

Carried out regular general optimization.

General optimization involved:

  • processing of search requests;
  • updating ads and improving the quality indicator, in some were used dynamic keyword insertion;
  • performance tracking at the keyword, ad group, and overall campaign level;
  • adjustment of data capture by users' audiences by adding them to observations, which subsequently made it possible to direct the budget by adjusting bids between the more converting segment of the audience;
  • development of analytics in terms of traffic sources on the site and their conversion rate.

Results of advertising campaigns:

The first month of work is always aimed at collecting statistics. Campaigns collect data and learn to further optimize and increase performance indicators. But already, at this initial stage of work, the conversion rate of the site increased by 23.58%, and in three months, the indicator increased by 120.30%.

Thanks to constant analysis and optimization of campaigns, advertising traffic has become cheaper and of higher quality:

  • the number of conversions increased by 519.44%;
  • the conversion cost decreased by 41.16%.


How well a launch campaign can work depends on a large number of factors. The main one is constant monitoring of indicators and analysis of changes in efficiency. To secure a successful start, it is necessary to go through an equally important period - support and optimization of campaigns. This work is aimed at correcting the semantics, working out search queries, expanding negative word lists, and working on creatives to increase the clickability of the ad and attract the target visitor. Only compliance with the entire work complex demonstrates and guarantees the positive dynamics of increasing the number of connections of new subscribers.

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