Quick summer shoes sales on TikTok

We scaled up TikTok advertising campaign and reduced the cost per conversion by almost 4 times


brand shoes online store

Target audience

progressive youth, people who are interested in shoes, clothes, sports, active online shoppers, often travel, have an average and above average income, use modern smartphones, have an active lifestyle, and are interested in fashion.


1 month


sell as many summer shoes as possible in a short period of time.

Underlying potential problems:

adapt the site in Ukrainian, create unique content, work with target audience and study its behavior. The customer's desire was to lead the target customers to the main page of the store.

Work progress

First stage

Thanks to the team of creator and motion designer, a brand positioning strategy on TikTok and together with the client we developed creative media materials.

On the first stage, we launched the first test ad group for a wide audience to get detailed statistics from different segments and to be able to highlight some patterns for further narrowing, understand how our approaches work, and start collecting samples to further build a look-a-like audience.


After launching the ad group for the first time, we were able to get 20 conversions at an average cost of $5 per conversion and identify the most effective video creatives.

Second stage

Before launching the second group of ads, we agreed with the client to run ads with traffic directly to the product card. We have developed new relevant videos for each product to do this.


Due to the increasing relevance of advertisements, the cost per conversion has been reduced from $5 to $1.68. The least effective ads, which increased the average price for a lead, were turned off as well.

Third stage

It was decided to narrow the target audience and scale the advertising campaign. Analyzing the data from Google Analytics and ad cabinet we received during the first two launches, we identified optimal audience segments in terms of CPM/CPL and relevant creatives.

The next step was to optimize and scale the campaign, for which we narrowed the current audiences by interests, as well as interactions with similar video content.


By testing audiences and video creatives, we were able to identify the most effective ad groups and get 120 conversions at an average cost of $1.29.


During the work with the project, we managed to:

receive 269 conversions

зreduce the cost per conversion by almost 4 times

find an approach to target audience

scale the advertising campaign.

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