Comprehensive SMM promotion of brand pages
for the production of building materials

Achieved an increase of +955% of subscribers and an increase in monthly unique outreach by 50 times

Input data


Ukrainian manufacturer of ceramic blocks KERATERM

Project’s description:

a company that holds leading positions in the field of ceramic porous blocks, ceramic blocks of 2.12 format, and ordinary bricks production under the KERATERM® brand.


comprehensive SMM promotion, which includes formation of content strategy, design, regular filling and administration of pages, launching advertising campaigns and monthly analytics in report format.

Social network:


Term of cooperation:

July 2020 — until now

Project’s features:

specific and narrow target audience, content for which should include not only topics of commercial nature but useful information related to the topic of client's production as well.

Work progress

Analysis and target audience formation

Formed target audience that consists of developers and architectural studios; construction workers; those who are interested in construction and architecture. After that, the main age segment was determined: women and men from 35 to 55 years.

Development of rubrics:

- entertaining content — about interesting and unusual architectural projects of modern and historical significance and construction technologies using the latest materials and tools;

- educational — demonstration and educational videos, instructions, advice;

- reputational — about the company's technology, production and laboratory work;

- product — novelties, description of a specific product, comparison of several products, namely ceramic blocks, etc.

Testing of different message formats and visuals

It was determined that the best outreach was received by photo selections of architectural structures and objects, publications of a reputational nature. Selections and photos get the most interactions. For Story format publications, we use both images and 10-second videos taken directly from the company's production.


The best indicators in terms of outreach are educational posts in video format with the participation of production workers, who demonstrate the manufacturer's confidence in their products and care for customers. Instead, video publications are gaining significantly fewer interactions than other formats.

Product posts have good indicators by the number of interactions. This is facilitated by a properly selected visual and text, which provides meaningful information about a product. Such publications encourage followers to ask about the product and its value in comments and personal messages.

High indicators receive reputational posts, which carry practical information for the target audience.

Entertaining content encourages the target audience to interact with posts the most. These are usually selections of interesting objects or places in Ukraine and other countries.

Regarding posts' formats, it was found that the most covered are videos of the client's production processes and the appearance of employees in the frame. After all, such materials allow followers and guests of the page to see the internal processes and faces of the company.

In the text of publications, depending on the topic, we try to encourage the reader to respond or comment. Communication with the audience is provided in a friendly and professional style. For inquiries about product characteristics, we provide comprehensive information which interests the interlocutor.


Thanks to all these actions, during the period of cooperation we managed to achieve an increase of + 955% of subscribers, and the monthly unique outreach increased from 2,000 to 100,000.

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