Holding a promotion on Instagram and Facebook
for The Drinkery bar chain

How to significantly increase the number of bar visitors in a week using SMM and targeted advertising

Input data


a chain of bars in the center of Kyiv called The Drinkery.


to increase the number of visitors to bars.


create a profitable promotional offer for visitors to the bar network, launch an advertising campaign, and attract an audience.

Activity venues:

  • Instagram page @the_drinkery_ukraine;
  • Facebook page drinkery.ukraine.


7 days (March 20–26, 2023).


  • project manager;
  • SMM specialist;
  • targetologist.

Progress of work

Formation of the mechanics of the promotional offer, namely, the user should:

- subscribe to the bar page;
- put "+" in the comments;
- in response to a comment, we send a promotional code to Direct or Messenger to receive two branded shots;
- to get them, the user needs to show our message to the bartender and make an order at the bar (the amount is not fixed).

Development of creatives and writing text to inform.


- 20.03 – message about the action on the pages on Instagram and Facebook;
- 03.23 and 03.25 – a reminder in Stories.

Running targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram posts:

- Pre-test run. Seven days is a short time for advertising optimization. Therefore, a week before the start of the campaign, test campaigns were launched with different audience segments. Advertisements were the institution's publications on Facebook and Instagram. Thus, we accelerated the process of learning algorithms and identified the most effective target settings.
- Action launch. To promote the promotional offer, the following audiences were chosen: by interests (alcoholic drinks, bars, parties, etc.), and look-alike with a size of 1% based on the institution's subscribers in social networks.

Communication with the participants in the action.

Visual and text implementation

Since we regularly conduct photo and video shoots for this client, we used a photo from the latest photo shoot as a creative for the advertising campaign.


Example of communication with participants


Publication statistics

on Instagram:

  • post coverage – 6,012 users;
  • the number of interactions is 483.

on Facebook:

  • post coverage – 5,550 users;
  • the number of interactions is 606.


In general, UAH 2,500.78 was spent on the promotion of the special offer. Bar employees reported that 117 visitors took advantage of the promotional offer. The advertising campaign was able to generate offline events in establishments with an average cost of UAH 21.37.

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