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How to promote a business on Facebook: types of promotion on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world, so it’s not surprising that many businesses use it as an advertising platform. But what pitfalls await you if you decide to use this network for promotion? Let’s consider this further.

Why do you need Facebook promotion?

Probably everyone at least once resorted to Facebook promotion. And it is not surprising because it has several significant advantages:


  • increasing brand recognition;
  • formation of the audience’s loyalty;
  • attracting new customers and increasing the sales level;
  • a large set of advertising tools.

Types of promotion: differences, pros and cons

To promote your brand on Facebook, use one of the available channels, in particular: a personal profile, a theme group or a business page.

Personal profile

Facebook prohibits using a personal profile for promotion. By doing so, you risk losing access to many Facebook business promotion tools. If using a profile is a part of your Facebook promotion strategy, follow a few simple rules:


  1. Design the page as usual. That is, put your photo on the avatar, add your name and surname, and better move the information about your product to the «About» block.
  2. Do not send more than 20 friend requests per day.
  3. Create unobtrusive content, and do not use aggressive sales.

Promotion of Facebook theme group

Theme groups can be created both spontaneously, for example, thanks to the initiative of participants, and especially — in particular, by brands to promote their products. Promoting a Facebook group has its advantages, as it can be used as:


  • additional sales channel;
  • a place for collecting product reviews and ratings;
  • a tool for building long-term relationships with the brand;
  • a blog with useful content and native advertising.


But at the same time, this method has its drawbacks:


  • it is impossible to publish posts on behalf of the group;
  • posts from groups are less likely to appear in the news feed, and group members themselves often turn off group update notifications.


If you still decide to use this method, be prepared that you will have to devote a lot of time to the promotion Facebook group because it is impossible to start promotion immediately with advertising posts. First, it is necessary to develop the group organically, supporting discussions and inviting participants.

Benefits of brand promotion on Facebook

A business page is the best tool for promoting your business on Facebook. Facebook promotion with a brand page has the following advantages:


  • it is the «business card» of the company, through which you can broadcast the vision of the brand and its mission;
  • it can be advertised;
  • page administrators can post, comment and like on behalf of the page;
  • publications of business pages more often get into the subscribers’ news feeds.

Promotion of various business types of business

Whether promoting Facebook posts or using targeted advertising, any business that doesn’t violate the law and community rules can be promoted on the platform. The main thing is to pay attention to certain nuances.

Online store promotion on Facebook

The best way to promote an online store on Facebook is to sell consumer goods like clothes or shoes.Especially for online stores, a tool called Commerce Manager is available in this network. It allows you to configure the store, manage the catalog and study statistics. To speed up the catalog filling process, we recommend using one of the methods:


  • upload a spreadsheet or file to add inventory;
  • use a file hosted on the site or a Google spreadsheet to automatically add and update the assortment.


After completing the work with the catalog, you can proceed to the promotion of the online store on Facebook. Potential customers will already see a specific product, price, availability, characteristics and a link to the site in the ad.

Restaurant promotion on Facebook

Promoting a restaurant on Facebook can be quite successful and profitable. But for this, you need to follow a few simple tips:


  1. Use bright and high-quality photos to promote posts on Facebook.
  2. Don’t limit yourself to just photos of dishes. Be more open with the audience: publish a photo of the technological process or your staff.
  3. Encourage customers to leave reviews and ratings.
  4. Create Facebook events to announce restaurant events.

Facebook B2B promotion

The days when Facebook promotion was available only to the B2C segment are long gone. The B2B segment is also actively using Facebook to get leads. However, before promoting a product for the B2B segment, clarify the answers to several questions for yourself:


  1. Does the content match the stages of the sales funnel?
  2. If you were the customer, would you like the ad?
  3. Is the tone of voice of your brand formed?


And most importantly, keep a friendly tone and minimize aggressive marketing. It  is the only acceptable option when working with professionals.

Clinic promotion on Facebook

With the promotion of the clinic on Facebook, you should be as careful as possible and observe the following rules:


  1. To provide true and useful information, not to mislead the user.
  2. Discuss interesting and relevant topics related to health.
  3. Create unique content that clearly tells about the work of the clinic.
  4. Maintain constant communication with users, involving them in interaction with the page.

Useful advice from specialists

For promotion on Facebook to be successful, we advise you to pay attention to several simple but important tips:


  1. Be sure to create a business page and design it. Come up with a name for the page, add a cover and avatar, provide information about yourself and set up contact buttons.
  2. Design visual content correctly. While adding images, make sure that their size fits the selected format and that the content does not violate Facebook’s Community Guidelines.
  3. Don’t abuse hashtags. They are appropriate only as a unique label for a sale or flash mob. In other cases, hashtags can even be harmful.
  4. Set up a chatbot. It will help to automate work with leads and carry out mass or segmented mailings.
  5. Install a widget for the site. With its help, the user will quickly switch to the messenger he needs.
  6. Don’t forget to set up your Pixel. It will transfer data from the site to Facebook’s advertising cabinet.

But do not forget that in order to successfully promote a page on Facebook, it is also necessary to study the algorithms of the social network and follow updates. After all, any innovation is an opportunity to increase coverage. However, it is sometimes difficult to do it yourself, so we advise you to order SMM services from Lanet CLICK. Our specialists know everything about business promotion on Facebook social networks.

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