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You have set up advertising for your business on Google on your own, or addressed a specialist but don’t see the ads in search results? Today we’ll consider why contextual PPC advertising is not available for viewing and what aspects to look for while setting up your ads.

Setting up geotargeting

Imagine that your media advertising is set up, for example, on Zaporizhzhia or Lviv. Obviously, if you’re in another city, you won’t see the ad because you don’t meet the customized terms of ad displays. Or Google may have misidentified your IP address. So make sure your location matches the chosen advertising region.

Ad displaying time

Sometimes newbies make mistakes and ignore the time zone in their ad settings. Be sure to check the targeting time of your ads. After all, if you specify day time in the settings, you won’t be able to see your ad in the evening or at night. 

The ad is in moderation

Ads are always moderated before running. This is a mandatory procedure, and even teaser advertising becomes a subject of Google’s review. Note that moderation can take half an hour or several days. Therefore, wait until the procedure is complete.Sometimes your ad may fail to review and be disapproved. If you are sure that it does not have any violations, everything is alright with the documents (for certain types of advertising) and web queries, you can contact Google Ads Support. And then the specialists will check the data manually.

Ad’s rejection

Google also must moderate your website before accepting your ad in order to detect any issues. So, if a webpage loads for a long time, or contains a 404 error, the search engine is likely to reject your ads with links to that page. To prevent this issue, set up moderation results’ notifications on email to run your project in a timely and prompt manner.

AdBlock blocks ads

Check your browser for AdBlock, which filters content and blocks annoying ads. He may not allow the ad to appear for you. So try disabling the ad blocker. And if for some reason you can not do it, then use another browser or computer. 

Ad’s quality

This indicator is influenced by numerous factors, and the most important of them are:

  1. Relevance. Indicates whether the keyword matches with the ad’s message, as your ad must clearly meet your audience’s needs and live up to their expectations.
  2. Landing page quality. Google Ads is demanding on the quality of the pages to which your ads contain links. So take care of the appropriate page’s structure, post informative, useful for the user texts and work out the presentation and structure of the content, and so on.
  3. Expected CTR click-through rate. Responsible for the likelihood that a user will transition from an ad to your website. The metric determines the cost per click and the position in the paid issue.


Ads auction

An unobvious factor for beginners in setting up advertising is an ads auction. It occurs in real time when a user enters a query into a search engine. The system selects similar ads and sets the order in which they appear depending on the competition.First, keywords and ads related to the query are compared during the auction. Other settings, such as location or language, are analyzed after that. Finally, the ad rank is evaluated, which in turn is affected by the bid, quality score, expected impression effect, and user’s query characteristics. And because the auction takes place every time you search on Google, and the number of factors that affect the issue is quite large, the ad may appear in different places or not appear at all.

Maximum daily advertising budget

Be sure to check the funds on the balance. Because if your daily advertising budget runs out, Google will pause your ads to prevent overspending. But at the same time, it has all the tools you need to assess whether you have enough budget for your advertising campaign. Yes, your ad may not be shown if:

  • the funds allocated for the campaign are not able to cover traffic, so it is not seen by all searchers in search results;
  • if your daily budget has been already spent, your displays will continue the next day.


Exceeded number of requests

If you search for your ad many times, you may not even see it. After all, Google analyzes such behavior. Do you make requests many times and do not click on ads? It will recognize your IP address or take into account your behavioral factors and will no longer show you ads. Therefore, do not get carried away with such test.

Negative keywords

Another nuance that can affect the lack of ad displays. Because while compiling a list of negative keywords, the specialist may accidentally include the words that, on the contrary, should be shown in the ad. So check carefully the list of negative keywords for your ad campaign’s web queries, as no one has canceled the human factor. 


If you can’t find your ads, don’t panic. Your audience may see them at the right time and in the right place. First, read the statistics. There are some displays and clicks? Then there is no problem.And remember, Google your ads means lowering your CTR. Use Google Ads Preview and Diagnostic Tool. It will help you safely view your ads without compromising your advertising campaign and help identify issues that may prevent them from showing.

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