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How to promote a site in search engines on your own – promote your site on Google by yourself

SEO: How it works

The search promotion of an online store with a huge assortment of products and a small business of a business card is not much different: the same methods, which differ in certain nuances, are the basis. If you use them all, then the chance of being “liked” by search engines increases, and at the same time, the position in the search engine list increases.You can create or buy a website, but it will not immediately rise to the TOP: to gain popularity and attract visitors, the website owner will have to work hard on search engine optimization (SEO).You can do a technical SEO audit yourself. Today, there are countless training materials and recommendations designed to help beginners improve their sites. Only the most optimized project can compete with popular sites.An important point: Google annually improves its algorithms and changes the rules, so you should always follow the news and choose the latest recommendations.The approaches to the promotion of 2010-2015 can be considered outdated compared to those that have appeared recently.

How to develop and promote a site in search engines on your own

To achieve success at the beginning of the journey, you can use basic methods of promotion, the relevance and effectiveness of which have been proven by many masters.

Structure development

Search engines love order, so the logical structure of a web resource is an important element of optimization. The pages on the first three attachments are promoted best, this is where it is desirable to place the main materials.The correct structure has the following hierarchy:

  1. Main page;
  2. Sections/categories of goods;
  3. Subdivisions/subcategories (there could be several);
  4. Articles/goods.

If there are difficulties with the names of the sections, you can look for ideas from competitors from the same niche. The owners of the portals that occupy the first places on Google know exactly how to promote the site to the TOP, so the structure of their sites is competent and fully functional.

Collection of information and semantic core

Promotion of the site is impossible without keywords and phrases: they set the topic and tell search engines where the user can find the information he needs. Detailed processing of the keys will allow the company to promote the maximum number of sections, goods and services.There are three main methods of collecting the semantic core:

  1. Order from a specialist. Depending on the direction, the semanticist will collect the core in a couple of hours or a few days, and with the finished material, it will be possible to proceed with further optimization.
  2. Appendices. If you think about promoting the site for free, you can use the Google AdWords service, but this manual method of collecting keys is very time-consuming.
  3. Soft. There are cheap but effective options: for example, the KeyCollector program, which forms a core in automatic mode. The user only needs to organize the result and highlight the optimal words and phrases.

To successfully promote the site at the TOP of the Internet, it will be necessary to correctly distribute the keys on the pages. In part, the formed structure will help in it: high- and medium-frequency variants are placed in the main sections; low-frequency ones in subdivisions of the lower hierarchy. If you are not sure of your choice, you can check with your competitors and see which categories they have in the top rankings and for which phrases.However, you can always experiment with key distribution and choose the most optimal method for yourself.

Content creation

The word “content” means the information placed on the page.It includes:

  • Text (descriptions, tables, articles, educational materials, data on goods and services);
  • Images (real photos and thematic pictures);
  • Audio (songs, tracks, screen voiceover, audiobooks);
  • Video (clips, videos, films and cartoons).

The promotion of sites in search engines is based on the creation of optimized content. However, if earlier it was enough to fill in as many keywords as possible to please Google, now search engines prefer useful content with content for visitors.To be promoted on Google effectively, the content must:

  1. To be unique. The advantages of the original text or picture over the copied material are obvious: the user will choose something new because he needs to solve his tasks.
  2. Be interesting. The longer a person stays on a page, the more relevant Google considers the resource. Optimizing the site with new posts is more effective than paid contextual advertising that leads to empty sections.
  3. Be diverse. It is advisable to combine text content with pictures and videos. The latter is better to choose with high resolution.

Knowing how to optimize your site yourself allows you to focus on creating or buying content. If it is text, it should be optimized, that is, add keys from the semantic core. If it is a video, then you should look for useful materials or product reviews.With the right content, it is possible to promote without buying links, which allows you to significantly save on the budget. The main thing is to follow the rule that “everything is for people”.

Site optimization for search engines

An SEO specialist knows in every detail how to promote his site, and for the average user, many rules may be unclear. To avoid headaches, it is better to order the setup from a professional, but if you want to optimize the site yourself, you should start with:

  • Checks for duplicate pages;
  • Prescribing meta-tags (necessarily with keys from the core);
  • Formation of a site map and a file for Google robots;
  • Insertion of links (links leading to adjacent sections);
  • Insertion of microformats.

The promotion of the site on Google will be incomplete without technical optimization, and it involves the elimination of programming errors that the developer may have made and increasing the loading speed of the web portal.Many owners initially think that self-promotion is impossible: they have followed all the recommendations, but there is still no increase in visitors. Rapid promotion and SEO in the TOP-10 occurs only for projects whose age exceeds one and a half to two years, that is, quite “mature” and those that have earned the respect of search engines. Young projects may need additional website advertising on the Internet.Since it is difficult to promote a site for free, some developers are thinking about buying an external mass of links. Today, this method is still used, but its effectiveness drops rapidly, and sometimes it becomes the reason for a ban from search engines.

Adaptation for different platforms

It is better when the promotion of the site in search engines is focused on the user. That is, in addition to useful content and a friendly interface, there is also adaptability – the ability to adapt to different devices.Will promotion of the site in search engines bring good results if visitors from a tablet or smartphone cannot navigate the pages? Most likely, they will simply leave the site. Successful search promotion awaits those who thought in advance about the ability of the portal to adapt to different formats of gadget screens.There are more and more cases when promotion in search engines for smartphone users turns out to be more effective than for owners of ordinary PCs and laptops.


Despite the numerous requirements and unstable rules of the game dictated by search engines, it is quite possible to promote sites independently on the Internet.With knowing how to promote a site on Google, you can increase the number of potential buyers, increase conversion and sales, and with it, the income of the company.Promotion in search engines can be tracked by analytics services. They will show what requests users come for, which pages are most relevant, which content is of interest, and which should be worked on.

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