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Telegram channel for business

Why does your business need a Telegram channel

Telegram has become a platform for advertising, and entrepreneurs are finding new opportunities to promote their businesses. For what tasks should you use the Telegram channel?


  • Information. Share the latest news about your company: updating the product/service range, changing prices, moving to a new office, etc. Telegram becomes an addition to your page on social networks or even a replacement for email.
  • Building a personal brand. Share knowledge and life hacks in your field. Write expert materials, talk about your company’s work, etc.
  • Indirect sales. In Telegram, channel subscribers usually do not miss new messages. The audience is more interested in your content and your brand products.
  • Direct sales. Post photos of new products and information about promotions and discounts in your channel.


Telegram has several significant advantages for businesses:


  • Speed. Telegram works faster than sites or mailing services.
  • Convenience and simplicity. Telegram has an easy-to-understand interface: a beginner will understand its settings and functionality in a few minutes.
  • Cross-platform. Write short messages, add pictures from your phone, and write long texts on your computer.


Look for your competitors on Telegram. If they are not there, then you need to create a channel. Share in the comments, do you plan to use the messenger?

Як вести телеграм канал

How to promote a Telegram channel

We have already told you about how to promote the Telegram channel. If you decide to take your niche in this messenger, you need to understand how to promote yourself.


  • Attracting subscribers. After publishing a few posts, invite friends and acquaintances to your channel. Be sure to leave a link on social media. That is how you will get the first few dozen readers.
  • Channel catalogs. Use Telegros, Tgstat, Tlgrm, and other free channels for initial promotion.
  • Mutual PR. When you have 500 subscribers on Telegram, start looking for channels similar to your topic. Agree with their owners about publishing promotional posts on your Telegram channels. Also, advertise other channels on similar themes, and they will promote you in turn.
  • Use external links. Publish links to your channel on social networks and other platforms. Connect with other channel owners with similar content to yours. After publication in one article, dozens of other channels will repost your link.
  • Free bots. Use Telegram bots, in particular:
    • @like – for collecting likes; 
    • @vote – for creating surveys;
    • @ControllerBot – for text editing, adding images, and creating delayed posts;
    • @tgstat_bot – for statistics collection.


And in conclusion, we would like to remind you: to write original content, do not copy texts from the Internet and determine the frequency of publications for your Telegram channel. Like our Facebook page to read more helpful content about SMM!

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