Advertising on LinkedIn

Despite the relatively high cost per click on LinkedIn, more and more advertisers are choosing this social network for promotion. The rise in popularity is due to the high conversion rates that the advertiser can achieve by setting up the most accurate targeting. Advertising on LinkedIn allows you to achieve your goals and, as a result, the maximum effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

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How advertising on LinkedIn works

LinkedIn is a social network about business and professional development, which brings together people focused on quality results. The audience and its purpose of stay are different from users of other social networks, so advertising on LinkedIn has several distinctive features.

Before launching an advertising campaign on LinkedIn Ads, the advertiser defines business goals from those available on the social network:

With these goals, the advertiser can implement campaigns with a full sales funnel, choosing "Information" at the top, "Brand Review" in the middle, and "Conversions" at the bottom.

The following stages are:

  • choosing the type of ad that the advertiser wants to share with users;
  • definition of the target audience;
  • setting budget constraints;
  • creation of advertising creative;
  • campaign launch.

LinkedIn will offer advertising based not only on the information provided by the user, but also on the results of his profile analysis. The advertiser receives a report with information about users who have seen the ad. However, the social network does not provide any data that could help identify the participants. In addition, users can also manage their advertising preferences to get more relevant advertising in the feed.

Ad formats on LinkedIn Ads

There are several types of advertising available on LinkedIn Ads:

Advertising with the image

This type of advertising is the most popular. The advertiser can create both an advertising post and a post in the feed. Such targeted advertising on LinkedIn involves displaying advertising in the mobile application. Advertising with the image is suitable for promoting content and blog development, finding candidates to fill vacancies, engaging users in various events, and selling specific services or products.

Text advertising

This type of advertising is displayed in the side menu. Text advertising offers the usual format of contextual ads that contain the title, description, and link to the company's page or the advertiser's site. This type of advertising is suitable for attracting audiences and generating leads on the site.

Carousel Ads with images

You should choose this type of advertising if you want to advertise several products at once. In this way, you can promote not only the products but also events, a personal blog, and more.

Advertising to attract subscribers

Such ads will be displayed in the desktop version in the side menu. It will allow target users to subscribe to the ad page. Advertising is suitable for finding business partners, promoting an expert blog, and pages of companies that publish helpful content.

Advertising in messages

The advantage of this type of advertising is that the advertiser can deliver information to the user in private messages. This type of advertising will not be effective for everyone. The recipient must be familiar with the company and interested in the product, services, or events mentioned in the message. Otherwise, the recipient will treat the ad as spam.

Video advertising

This type of advertising is less popular than, for example, photo advertising, but if you need to convey information through video content, use video advertising. Write a title, add a call-to-action text, a link, and attach a video. Choose short videos and add subtitles to make your ad effective.

Advertising for candidate attraction

Its purpose is to attract users to the Vacancies section.

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Benefits of targeted advertising on LinkedIn

A feature of advertising on LinkedIn is a wide range of targeting opportunities. The user can choose specific characteristics, including:


The effectiveness of contextual advertising on LinkedIn directly depends on how clearly the target audience is defined. The unique targeting capabilities of LinkedIn Ads allow you to achieve maximum conversion rates for your ads.

How much does LinkedIn advertising cost

The cost of advertising on a social network is determined on the basis of an online auction. It allows you to set competitive rates yourself. Competition with other advertisers who want to reach a similar target audience continues after the launching of ads.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
Advertising on LinkedInfrom 8000from 20000
Advertising on Facebookfrom 6000from 16000
Advertising on Instagramfrom 6000from 16000
Lead generationfrom 6000from 16000

How to order advertising targeting on LinkedIn

If you need quality contextual advertising on LinkedIn, you should seek the help of professionals. Lanet CLICK digital agency brings together experienced professionals who can provide the desired result. Order targeted advertising on LinkedIn at Lanet CLICK, and you will receive an individual and creative approach and realization of goals within your marketing campaign.

In addition to advertising on LinkedIn, we offer a list of such services:

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn — for each social network, SMM specialists of the agency Lanet CLICK will offer interesting creatives and effective promotion strategies.

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1. How does advertising on LinkedIn work?
Effective targeted advertising on LinkedIn involves the following steps: creating a company business page and advertising cabinet, defining business goals and choosing the type of ad that will be shown to users, determining the target audience, setting an allocated budget, creating advertising creative, and launching an advertising campaign.
2. Who needs advertising on LinkedIn?
Advertising on LinkedIn is one of the types of promotion on social networks, which also includes advertising on Facebook and advertising on Instagram. Unlike other sites, LinkedIn is especially in demand and has no analogs in the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia. Therefore, this promotion method is ideal for companies oriented to the Western market. In addition, businesses related to the IT industry, conference organizers, and developers of various process automation services should pay special attention to this type of advertising.
3. What determines the cost of advertising on LinkedIn?
The cost of promotion on the social network about business and development LinkedIn is determined by the principle of an online auction. You can also choose the amount of the bet on your own to make it competitive. At the same time, you should consider that competition with other employers whose target audience is the same as yours will continue even after the launch of the advertising campaign.
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