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Nowadays, business development on the Internet is impossible without following website’s users who visited your website but didn’t do desired actions. The tool which is used for this is called remarketing. It is a modern and efficient method for attracting new clients and reminding of yourself to already existing. Such ads format allows showing your advertisements to people who are most likely interested in your product or service.

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What is remarketing

Remarketing is advertising directed to people who visited your website or used an app. After adding a remarketing tag to the website, you will be able to follow user’s actions precisely: through what goods he searched, did he finish the started purchase and so on. It means that after the person visits your website, you will get all necessary data which can be used for advertising in the future. How to add a remarketing tag? It is not difficult for a good specialist. Setting up dynamic remarketing is carried out with the help of Google Tag Manager. So it is possible to work with tags without addressing IT specialists.

Visual example of remarketing

There are a lot of examples of remarketing and its influence. Let’s stop on the simplest. Imagine that a person visited the biggest website N that sells household appliances and looked through several pages with microwave ovens from popular brands. It could be a spontaneous decision which was based on a desire to update appliances in the kitchen in the nearest future. But later, when this person will visit another website on any topic, he will see advertisements with goods he was interested in. However, on the banner he will see your shop with your goods. Depending on frequency of displays and other parameters, it can influence user’s behavior positively and push him to purchase.

How to set up Google Ads remarketing

There are several tools for audience attracting. The most popular options are setting up Facebook remarketing and setting up Google Ads remarketing. Each has advantages. We will stop on the last one. Though, audience creating in Google Analytics is the best option for those whose goal is maximum outreach, as flexibility of settings allows easily establishing contact with future customers.

Remarketing audiences on Google Ads are users’ groups in a form of cookie lists which have data about their behavior. More often, these are those people who are ready to make a conversion. In Google Ads remarketing campaigns, you can both create new and use previously selected Google Analytics audiences.

Types of Google Ads audiences

Users who didn’t visit the website again in several days after first visit.

Right advertisements will help to return them back to the website.

Users who didn’t make a purchase despite the time they spent on the website.

You can remind them about goods they searched for.

Clients who have already bought goods on the website.

You can propose similar goods in the advertisements.

People who add goods to the cart but didn’t finish the purchase.

You can always offer a promo code which will stimulate such clients to make a purchase.

Remarketing types and their advantages

Google Adwords Remarketing

It is called «searching» as well. As you can guess, advertisements are shown to people who searched for goods with the help of search engines, looked through websites but eventually didn’t buy anything. They will see advertisements which should encourage the purchase of goods they are interested in. Google Ads remarketing is the most popular tool.

By a list of email addresses

In contextual advertising, this type of advertisement is displayed to Gmail, search engine or YouTube users.

Dynamic remarketing

During setting up, Google Analytics remarketing a product based on demographic features and previous purchases will be shown to the user. Сorrect setting of dynamic remarketing stimulates new interest in the product and increases its topicality. Don’t forget that ads format influences its efficiency as well. For example, it is possible to set up dynamic remarketing on Facebook in such a way that it will show not one but several goods at the same time. An opportunity to choose always gets positive feedback.

Video marketing

We will be talking about YouTube, the world’s most popular resource for video watching. Before watching some videos, users will see advertisement unless they have a YouTube Premium subscription. And most often it is good’s advertising in which the user was interested. Exactly on this website, on partner video resources and Google search engine can be used in remarketing lists. You need to connect your YouTube and Google Ads accounts.

Google Display Network

In this case, advertisements will see users that visit Google Display Network websites. Here you can show graphic banners — it can be both your own creative or advertisements based on a ready template. If you order such type of advertising, you can count on good results as GDN has more than 2 million websites and outreach no less than 90% of Internet users.

The main advantage of remarketing is that it allows experimenting and finding newer, more flexible approaches in advertising.

It positively influences the brand, increases its recognizability. For example, returning an old user for finishing started purchase using detailed targeting. In such a way you can increase conversions and sales.

Results depend on specialist’s skills who set up remarketing ads audiences.

Advantages and disadvantages of remarketing

Thanks to its special features, this type of promotion can cause both positive and negative reactions from potential clients.

Let's imagine a situation, when a person visits a website to search for a frying pan and compare prices. Depending on situation, a person can stay on the website for a long time determining the quality of desired product or after getting acquainted with the price policy quite quickly, closes the tab. After visiting a website, a person gets into remarketing lists, which are made thanks to a code built-in website structure. And from this moment he will be shown an obsessive advertising of a frying pan which he didn’t buy. This can make him finish his purchase or only irritate him. That’s why correct remarketing setting is so important. As well, don’t forget that the popularity of your brand can extremely increase, so you need to be ready for it.

Though, the main purpose of remarketing is to return the one who has already acquainted with your production/brand and got into the sales funnel. But the possibility of returning a person into a well known shop and making a purchase from a familiar seller is always higher than the possibility of buying from a new seller.

What you can’t advertise

Remarketing is a tool with a wide influence sphere, though don’t forget that each system has its own rules and limits. In such case, there are limits as well, as there are always such categories of goods and services which can break the law or bring negative.

The following topics and categories are a subject of remarketing restrictions:

Setting up dynamic remarketing

advertising of political character;

promotion of gambling and casinos;

pharmaceuticals and healthcare items;

financial services;

tobacco and alcohol products;

weapons and fireworks;

pornographic materials.

For successful remarketing use you need to find an agency or PPC specialist who knows his business well and takes into account the specifics of your business during planning of advertising campaign, makes right conclusions and launches really effective advertising campaigns.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
Remarketing settingsfrom 8000from 20000
Google display advertising from 8000from 20000
Google Shopping settingsfrom 8000from 20000
YouTube advertisementfrom 8000from 20000
Advertising of mobile apps on Facebook and Instagramfrom 8000from 20000
Advertising account auditfrom 2500-
Launching and managing a Google Ads advertising campaignfrom 8000from 20000
Google Discovery Adsfrom 8000from 20000

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1. What is included in the remarketing setup service?
The remarketing service includes installing code to collect information about the site's audience, defining the audience for remarketing, developing a strategy and directly creating an ad, setting up Google Ads, and launching a remarketing advertising campaign. There are several types of remarketing. For the maximum effectiveness of the campaign, it is important to choose the type of remarketing based on the specifics of your niche and offer and make the most precise settings. After launching the campaign, the specialist analyzes its effectiveness and performs further optimization.
2. When do you need to set up remarketing?
Remarketing is an effective advertising mechanism that allows you to show ads to those users who visited your site before, but did not take the targeted action. Setting up remarketing is essential if you want to bring customers back with brand reminders and offers, increase conversions and sales, and achieve a return on advertising spend. Among the advantages of remarketing: the ability to set up more precise targeting, increase brand awareness and achieve economic efficiency of the campaign (the cost per click is lower than in contextual advertising). Remarketing, unlike teaser advertising, cannot be used to promote gambling and casinos, financial services, pharmaceuticals, etc.
3. How much does it cost to set up remarketing?
The cost of the service depends on many factors, including the chosen type of remarketing. Despite the high efficiency of remarketing, its cost is usually lower than the cost of contextual or, for example, display advertising. To successfully use remarketing, you should seek help from specialists with experience in setting up advertising campaigns.
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