Discovery Ads:
advertising from Google

In 2019, Google launched a new ad format — Google Discovery Ads. It is a powerful advertising tool that is useful for expanding marketing strategy and remarketing.

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What are Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads is an advertisement that covers users on popular Google services. One of its features is targeting, a cold audience. That means those people who have not yet guessed a particular product or service they need. They may not know about their existence yet. Showing your brand to a cold audience builds trust and calls an interest in people. At the same time, it is not a random audience at all. Discovery Ads are shown to users after analyzing their online behavior.


Google Discovery Ads targeting combines users' interests and behavioral histories across Google platforms. For example, Google's algorithm systems effectively analyze web queries and other consumers' intentions: searching for an object on maps, visiting websites, and downloading mobile applications. Thus, the cold buyer is shown advertising that best suits his interests.

Where Discovery Ads
are displayed

Users will see Discovery Ads:

in the popular YouTube video hosting feed;

in the sections Promotions and Social Networks
in the Gmail mail service;

in Google Discover Feed news feed.

Who needs Discovery Ads

About 3 billion users use the above services. Therefore, with the help of Discovery advertising campaigns, you can significantly expand your audience.

Discovery Ads are for you if you want to:

Increase customer base. Thanks to Google's algorithms that recognize consumers' intentions, your ads will be seen by the users who are most interested in your offer.

Launch a new product or brand. Spectacular and expressive Discovery Ads will attract the attention of potential buyers just when they are almost ready to test new products or try a new brand.

Improve the effectiveness of media advertising to achieve marketing goals. Thanks to Discovery advertising campaigns, you will be able to increase sales, increase website traffic and conversions, and increase subscriptions to your newsletter.

Reapply to your loyal audience. Discovery Ads are aimed at those audiences who use Google services to return to their favorite content. Discovery contextual advertising allows you to get targeted action from users who already know your brand — they have already bought from you or been on your website.


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Discovery Ads advertising formats

Google Discovery campaigns can be in two formats:

Standard (one picture). While ordering an advertising campaign, several format images are taken. Google tests options and shows different personalized messages to different target audiences.

Discovery Carousel. Carousel advertising is similar to traditional advertising, allowing users to scroll through all posted images. You can upload from 2 to 10 images to the Discovery Carousel, and Google will display them in the set order.

How much does it cost to order Discovery Ads

You can order Discovery Ads at Lanet CLICK digital agency. You will protect yourself from incorrect settings and save money and time by entrusting Google Discovery advertising to our PPC specialists. Lanet CLICK will help you, among other things, choose bright images to attract users' attention, write selling text, set up targeting for the optimal audience and analyze results.

The cost of Discovery Ads campaigns depends on the complexity of a particular project and is discussed individually, taking into account customers’ needs and wishes.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
Discovery Adsfrom 8000from 20000
Display advertising on the Internetfrom 8000from 20000
Advertising of goods in Googlefrom 8000from 20000
YouTube advertising from 8000from 20000
Promotion of mobile appsfrom 8000from 20000
External audit of contextual advertising from 2500-
Setting up and maintaining a Google Ads accountfrom 8000from 20000
Remarketing setup services from 8000from 20000

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1. Where do Discovery Ads appear?
Discovery Ads is a relatively new ad format from Google. It is a powerful promotional tool aimed at attracting users of popular Google services and helping advertisers to become more effective. These ads appear in Gmail on the Promotions and Social tabs, in the YouTube video hosting feed, and the Google Discover Feed news.
2. How does Discovery Ads work?
To place advertisements in Discovery Ads, specialists use three main placements, including YouTube, Gmail, and Google Discover. The third method is relatively new and deserves special attention. The personalized advertising system analyzes the consumer intentions of the Google audience, selecting advertising offers for each user that meet his requirements. The reach of advertising increases because the system is fully automated, and users cannot configure it.
3. For what purposes are Google Discovery Ads campaigns suitable?
The Google Discovery Ads advertising campaign allows you to achieve such goals as increasing the customer base, launching a new product or brand on the market, improving the effectiveness of media advertising, and interacting with the company's loyal audience. To increase efficiency, the marketing strategy can be supplemented with other promotion methods. For example, it can be contextual advertising, Google Shopping ads, Google Ads settings, local campaign advertising, and other methods that specialists select individually based on the needs of the customer.
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