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Hashtag on Instagram: what is it and how can be useful

A hashtag is used in different social networks. However, mostly on Instagram. How can they help promote your account and how to use them to achieve your goals — read further in the material.

What is a hashtag on Instagram

A hashtag is a way to mark posts in social media. One or more keywords and a lattice sign (#) are used for this. For example,  hashtags are #smm, #lanet_click, and so on. Hashtags were first used on Twitter. Social media user Chris Messina suggested using a hashtag to tag topics on Twitter’s microblogs. That is why Messina is now called the father of hashtags.

Why use Instagram hashtags?

Adding a # symbol turns a keyword or phrase into a link. When you click on this link, all posts marked with this hashtag will appear. It works for different social networks, but hashtags for Instagram are considered the most effective. Instagram’s promotion can’t be imagined without hashtags. Yes, # performs a number of different functions. Among them:


  1. Creates visibility for target audience. People often use Instagram search to look for information on hashtags. If hashtags are chosen correctly, in each of your Instagram posts, they will lead users interested in your blog. This will increase the outreach of publications, and if the content is quality, the number of subscribers will increase as well.
  2. Helps structure information. Instagram tags allow you to make rubrics. Rubrics help users navigate through your profile.
  3. Gives an opportunity to be noticed by the media. One of the options for journalists to find experts is Instagram hashtag. Therefore, if you want to get into the field of view of profile media, right hashtags will be also useful. ( More interesting material: What are Instagram chatbots and how to use them).

Hashtag types

There are several types of hashtags. Among them, one of the most effective are hashtags for profile navigation, geographical and brand.

Profile navigation

As was mentioned above, hashtags can make it easier for users to find the information they need in your profile. To make it easier for subscribers, create hashtags that you can use for themed posts.


Geographic hashtags are connected to the place. Most often to the district, city or country. You should really use them if you sell goods in an offline store or provide certain services. Such hashtags will be useful for social networks promotion among target audience. For example, if your potential buyers live in Obolon district of Kyiv, you can combine the name of your service with Obolon geotag. For example, #laminationObolon, #lashesobolon. This hashtag will focus on user’s location.


Branded are those hashtags that contain a mention of company’s name. Using such hashtags, including from other users, will help you increase brand awareness. Also, branded hashtags will help track the reputation of the organization and work with the negative.

Selection rules of Instagram hashtags

It is very easy to create a hashtag. However, you should not put many random hashtags under publication. You should choose up to 10 keywords correctly for one post. Properly selected hashtags will help you achieve the goals that are assigned to your Instagram account.

Collection of hashtags by subject

Create a series of hashtags by topic name, such as #smm # content, #seo, and more. Use them depending on the topic of the publication. These hashtags will help other users come across your posts through Instagram search.

Grouping by frequency and subject

Sort all the hashtags you choose by topic for your page by frequency: high-frequency — mentions on Instagram more than 100 thousand times; medium-frequency — 10-100 thousand times; low-frequency — up to 10 thousand times.

Create your own hashtags

Your own unique hashtags will make it easier to navigate through your profile. If your blog has several leading topics, create your own hashtags for each of them (for example, #smm_stasyuk #content_stasyuk, #seo_stasyuk).

What hashtags is it better to add to posts

It is important to combine high frequency with low frequency hashtags. It will allow you not to get lost among hundreds of thousands of publications with the same hashtags. Keep in mind that the selected hashtags must be relevant to the topic, otherwise users can complain on publications.

The most common mistakes while working with Instagram tags

Users often make the following errors connected with keywords:


  • post too many hashtags;
  • use too many high-frequency hashtags;
  • put irrelevant keywords;
  • use the same tags in publications.


If you do not know which hashtags are best to use in your case, then SMM manager will help. SMM specialist will select a hashtag for likes, subscriptions, etc. In addition, if you need advertising on Instagram (targeted advertising or advertising in promoted groups), SMM-specialist will help you set it up.


Instagram hashtag performs a number of functions and helps to develop account. Yes, hashtags can attract new audiences to your profile, drive more traffic, and increase outreach. The main thing is to use them correctly.

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