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Google Discovery Ads format: features and launch

Discovery is Google Ads advertising format in the form of a clickable image ad. These campaigns are good for reaching people who haven’t encountered your ads before. And for users, the convenience is that the ads appear while surfing the Internet. In such way they discover new products, services and brands while scrolling through social media, watching videos, checking emails or watching the latest news. What are Discovery Ads? This format is optimized for mobile devices, as research shows that people are much more likely to use a smartphone to access the Internet than computers and laptops. Such ads look attractive and are based on user’s actions and intentions while using search engine, downloading programs and visiting websites.

Discovery Ads features

The most interesting feature of this format for advertisers is the placement of ads in the personalized Google Discover Feed  news feed, which is relevant for Google mobile application, as well as for mobile version of google.com website. Other advertising tools do not allow you to target these placements.

Where do Discovery Ads appear

This format is designed to reach the cold audience in popular Google services, which together gain almost 3 million users: 


  • tabs Promotions and Social Networks in Gmail; 
  • YouTube feed;
  • Google Discover Feed news feed. 


Another advantage of Discovery Ads is the Carousel ad format. It is suitable for all advertisers. And e-commerce projects will benefit the most. Google Discovery Ads campaign carousel takes up all the ad space, as opposed to smart shopping ads.

Creating Discovery Ads advertisements

Discovery Ads can be set up for the following purposes: 


  • sales; 
  • potential customers; 
  • website traffic; 
  • campaign without goal.


Once you have chosen your campaign’s goal and type, you will need to specify your geolocation and language. To get started, Google Ads offers default targeting, which you can then edit to suit your needs. To customize Discovery Ads yourself, the next step is to select an audience to show your ad: 


  • a special audience on purpose; 
  • remarketing; 
  • audience of interested buyers.


And now, finally, the system will offer you to choose one of two options for Discovery Ads advertising: with an image or Carousel. The difference between them is that the Discovery Carousel can contain from two to ten images at one time, and for each of them you can set an individual title and assign a landing page. If you have decided to buy YouTube ads in this format, keep in mind that Discovery Ads is Google’s automated product. Accordingly, there are a number of limitations compared to GDN. While using YouTube Discovery Ads, you can not: 


  • choose a strategy with manual bidding; 
  • target devices; 
  • adjust placements, in particular to exclude some of them; 
  • set the frequency and method of displays; 
  • change ad rotation or use contextual targeting.


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