CASE: How to maintain the effectiveness
of advertising campaigns
while reducing the budget

Even in the conditions of quarantine and reduction of the advertising budget, we continued to work effectively and achieve high results of advertising campaigns. We will talk about the features of advertising campaign optimization (AC) and lead generation from Instagram and Facebook using the example of advertising a residential complex of one of the largest developers in the capital.

Potential clients: families and young people who lead an active lifestyle and have an above-average income, and investors who want to receive a consistently high income.

Goal: to develop a plan to minimize the loss of quality of the advertising campaign and the number of applications, maintaining the former coverage on social networks while reducing the budget by 50%.

The object of promotion:a large residential complex located in one of the most densely populated areas of the capital near the subway.

Term: 1 month.


  • Reducing the cost per lead: in the anti-crisis campaign, it decreased by 33.33%;
  • CTR increase by 31.62%;
  • High coverage rates — a slight decrease of less than 13%;
  • High level of budget optimization: 45.07% less than in the previous month of normal operation.
  • Mechanics of work
    on real estate advertising
    on social networks

    In total, we ran 10 formatted ads during the campaign. Just a few days after running the test, we saw clear favorites. After receiving this information, we began to optimize new advertising campaigns. We excluded low-performing segments of selected target audiences and ads and focused on those with higher CTR and engagement levels.

    We also decided to reduce the number of posts three times and cut the budget for their promotion on social networks by 50%.

    Carefully planned and adapted to reality targeting, various creatives, and formats in publications brought the desired result. We brought interaction and coverage rates to the same level as in the month before the quarantine.


    In the screenshots below, you will see the statistics of the two posts on the client's Facebook page and the results of their promotion. In post #1 we used a video that reached more than 12,000 users, and for post #2 we prepared a selection of photos of the nearest infrastructure to the residential complex, which aroused interest from users — the coverage reached 15,000 users.


    Post #1 statistics data


    Post #2 statistics data

    Advertising campaign results

    As a result, we managed to significantly reduce the price per lead and the customer's advertising budget without losing the quality of promotion. We achieved the number of leads accepted in the real estate industry and maintained a strong position in the information field during quarantine, a crucial period when users spent a record amount of time online.

    In times of crisis and other large-scale changes, it is important to use all opportunities, respond quickly to the situation, implement new approaches, and constantly improve to get the most benefit for yourself and your business.

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