Case: Google Ads
for a suburban restaurant complex

How to increase the quantity and quality of traffic and reduce its cost in wartime conditions

Incoming data


suburban restaurant complex Equides Club


From June 2022, the client restarted some advertising campaigns and tried to adapt to the conditions dictated by the war, so ran them independently. Investments in advertising resulted in calls and bookings, but the calls’ cost was not satisfactory.


  • to increase the number and reduce the cost of appeals;
  • to attract customers for the organization of family leisure and corporate events;
  • to make it a popular vacation spot for a wide audience.
  • What we did:

    Collected and analyzed data from analytics systems and ads manager for the last months of cooperation.

    Changed promotion tactics from a long-term strategy to actions with the achievement of short-term goals.

    Changed the structure of the account, created search campaigns for basic and additional services.

    Prepared a brand campaign and a campaign for competitors.

    Funds were allocated between campaigns clearly aimed at attracting customers.

    Worked out the message in the ads to the potential client.


    Thanks to the detailed processing of campaigns, traffic has become cheaper and of higher quality:

    the number of conversions increased by 11%;

    the conversion cost decreased by 44.34%.



    A lot of effort needs to be made to return the indicators of advertising campaigns that were in February 2022. But the beginning has been made, and these steps make it possible to persevere in difficult times.

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