Case Google Ads:
Increasing macro conversions by 2 times
for water delivery service

Advertised product: water delivery service


  • Setting up advertising on the search network and Google display network.
  • Achieving the maximum number of conversions.
  • Reducing the cost per conversion.

Implementation period: 2 months

First month
Beginning of the work. Launching campaigns

  • Created separate search campaigns for brand queries and general services;
  • Created the general list of negative keywords used at the account level;
  • Created relevant ads (expanded text and adaptive). Dynamic ads have also been added to have more outreach of users;
  • Added all available ad extensions;
  • Added capturing data by audiences on Google Ads Network.


In the first month, we received 14 macro conversions (completed form and ordering Binotel call). The conversion price for the first month of work is UAH 244.51.


Second month
Advertising campaigns optimization

On search network:

  • Transacted individual campaigns into automatic bidding strategies;
  • Increased budget for budget-limited campaigns;
  • Adjusted keyword-level bids for display on the first page;
  • Redistributed budgets between campaigns to increase conversions;
  • Expanded the list of negative keywords by analyzing web queries. Also added the list of competitors by negative keywords.


In the second month, the number of macro conversions more than doubled, i.e., 32 macro conversions were received.

The price of macro conversion in the second month decreased by 41%.

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