CASE: Google Ads
for analytics service

How did we increase conversions by 65% with a 37% reduction in cost per conversion

Incoming data


analytics service for land bank management

Main tasks:

increase the number of applications/registrations in the service


search limitations (not many people search for a service that causes low demand)

Before work began:

In October 2020, the client launched an ad. During this period, the client received 476 clicks and one conversion. In February 2021, we started work.

What have we done

We've processed the most relevant keywords (to cover all targeted search queries).

Launched advertising campaigns on competitors' brands.

Worked out the structure in Google display network campaigns (with settings for target audiences/topics and selecting relevant sites for advertising).

Worked with the client on a unique trade offer and triggers that were used in creating ads and creatives.

Set up campaigns according to the needs of the target audience.

Conducted an audit and reconfigured Google Analytics.

Set up a gathering of remarketing audiences (117 audiences in total) according to various criteria. Subsequently, we launched remarketing on the most convertible ones.

We tested various ad formats (Discovery ads, In-Stream video ads, advanced adaptive In-Stream video ads, image ads).


We started work in mid-February 2021. By the end of the month, we received 1,228 clicks and 19 conversions. We've compiled initial statistics and adjusted the optimal bids for a specific campaign during this period.

In March 2021, we received 15,678 clicks and 301 conversions. We continued to work on account optimization and statistics. New test campaigns launched.

In October 2021, we received 9,830 clicks and 498 conversions. The conversion rate increased by 65.45%, and the conversion cost decreased by 37% (compared to the first month of work).


The general graph (on the right) shows a trend of increasing the number of conversions and reducing their cost.

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