Targeting case:
How to reduce the cost per lead for B2B


law firm specializing in the legal support of international investment projects.


increase the amount of leads, reduce the average cost per lead.

The potential clients:

investors, businessmen, who enter the international market and want to get legal advice.


30 days

The main problems

the high cost per lead with a small budget for advertising; the difficult audience of the people who have an international business (a big amount of random hits to the audience by interests).


After analyzing the advertising account and the features of the client's theme, we have developed the promotion strategy. We came to the conclusion that the audience for this area is too wide, so we need to highlight the more targeted part with the help of Look-alike.

What was done

At the first stage we:

updated banner images in a strict minimalist style;

created new audiences for test campaigns to gather a sample of Look-alike;

launched an ads campaign with the goal to get traffic to the site and highlight the most interested part of the audiences, based on which can be created Look-alike audience and the audience for retargeting.

Gradually, we identified favorites among the ads. In a few days, it was clear which advertising images and messages the audience responded to the best.

When the sample reached a sufficient size (over 1000 users who entered the site or interacted with advertising), it was used to create Look-alike audiences (1%, because the budget is quite small, and it is better to use narrow audiences) and the audience for retargeting. Launched the lead generation campaign with these audiences and the most effective ad options.


We managed to significantly reduce the average cost per lead by 62% from the starting price (with a reduced budget), as well as to improve the quality of leads by increasing the number of targeted leads from 40% to 65% (from 5 to 9, respectively).

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