Targeted advertising
for a company selling bouquets of flowers

Incoming data

In September 2019, Lanet CLICK was approached by a client with the task of increasing the number of applications for the purchase of large bouquets of flowers through social networks. By this time, the client had already created pages on Facebook and Instagram and had tried to promote them on their own.

According to the client, his target customers are men (18-44 years old) who live in Kyiv and Brovary, are in a close relationship or marriage, and are looking for a spectacular gift for their beloved women. The segment of students from prestigious universities and other hypotheses were also considered.

Action plan

At the initial level, the agency's targets decided to launch a week-long advertising campaign to generate leads on Instagram and separately test the news feed and stories.

In the second stage, the plan was to test advertising campaigns for messages on Facebook with the transition to WhatsApp and Direct Instagram.

In the third stage, try an advertising campaign with traffic to your Instagram account.

The first stage

Lead generation

The result of advertising campaigns on the lead through the news page (week)

The result of advertising campaigns on the ice through the stories (week)

Conclusion: during the week of the advertising campaign, we received quite expensive applications, so it was decided to abandon such a strategy in the future.

The second stage


The result of the advertising campaign for messages on Direct Instagram (2 weeks)

The result of the advertising campaign for messages on WhatsApp via Facebook (3 weeks)

Conclusion: according to the results, the advertising campaign for Facebook messages received more targeted results and was extended for another week. The audience was sent to Messenger.

The third stage


Result of an advertising campaign with traffic on Instagram (month)

Conclusion: the advertising campaign received a fairly low price for the result, in particular, orders continued to come through direct and comments, so it was decided to continue the campaign.

Based on the results of the test campaigns, it was decided to continue targeting the following advertising campaigns:

  • for messages on Messenger Facebook;
  • traffic to Instagram profile.

The result of the advertising campaign for messages in Messenger Facebook (current metrics)

The result of the advertising campaign with traffic to the Instagram profile (current metrics)

General conclusions

After launching test advertising campaigns, Lanet CLICK targeting experts identified the most effective advertising campaigns for selling large bouquets, optimized ad groups, and launched new ones with narrow audience segments and look-a-like interactions.

The client does not specify the exact number of orders into which applications were converted via Instagram and Facebook but considers it sufficient and continues to cooperate with the agency.

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