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How to work with profiles that use gray promotional methods and increase the number of interactions with the audience by 100 times


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Income data

Client: gadget and electronics store, which previously used gray promotional methods (massliking and massfollowing).

Goal: increasing interactions with the profile, brand awareness in the network and customer loyalty.

Implementation period: 1 year.

The promotion process was complicated because the store's audience was attracted through massfollowing and massliking, so most profiles were completely indifferent to the brand and its product.

Indicators before cooperation:
- audience — 6 000 subscribers;
- outreach (indicators in the context of 1 month) — 5 700;
- displays (indicators in the context of 1 month) — 12 900;
- interactions — 1 200.

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Our actions

Our results of work for almost a year

We closely monitored the response to various posts' topics, experimented with headings, adapted new tasks to previously obtained data, etc., to determine the most effective formats considering the audience’s interests. In addition, the brand actively interacted with subscribers in comments and direct messages, which positively impacted the profile's activity and popularity.

Even with a detailed content plan, it is important that we remain flexible and promptly respond to trends popular among the target audience. Thus, considering the success of memes with the comparison of antagonist camps, it was decided to add them to the publications plan. This decision caused a flurry of positive emotions among the page's subscribers.

Our results of work for almost a year

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