Google Ads advertising for the residential complex in Kyiv

How to increase the effectiveness of advertising in Google Ads more than 2 times

CLIENT: comfort class residential complex in Kyiv, located near the subway.

PROBLEM: low conversion rate and high cost.


  • detailed analysis of the customer's Google Ads account;
  • optimization of search advertising campaigns;
  • expanding the semantic core with queries in the Ukrainian language;
  • launch of adaptive search queries;
  • implementation of automated scripts;
  • work with brand inquiries and control of competitors;
  • in-depth work on keywords with geolocation names.

Search campaign optimization

First, we optimized our search campaigns:

  • reduced the number of keys in ad groups from 15-20 to 3-6 but increased the number of ad groups;
  • added adaptive search ads;
  • updated the lists of negative keywords, using data from previous advertising campaigns;
  • increased the number of ads and optimized them for key queries;
  • changed bidding strategies by manually adjusting and prioritizing maximum conversions;
  • conducted testing of queries in Ukrainian.

Work with queries

We have noticed that many new customers ignore requests in Ukrainian, thus losing many Ukrainian-speaking clients. To avoid this, we create a semantic core ​​in two languages, test the ads in two language versions, and then distribute the budget according to the test results, preferring the campaign that turned out to be more effective. We did the same this time. The important point is that queries with detailed geolocation showed the highest conversion rate.

When it comes to branded queries, the key is to find a balance: your organic traffic should not compete with your Google Ads search campaign traffic. In our case, such requests were the cheapest and showed the highest conversion rate, so we optimized the campaign according to the principles above.


The Google Ads system protects against unauthorized use of registered trademarks in competitors' ads. If the trademark is not registered, you cannot file a complaint, so be sure to complete the registration procedure before placing an ad. We constantly monitored competitors' ads and filed timely complaints with Google about unscrupulous competitors when they appeared.



In 2018, Google began testing adaptive ads, which allowed you to test headlines and descriptions to determine the most effective ones. By using adaptive ads, we were able to get better results in our campaigns.


Well-thought-out budget allocation

We also redistributed the budget: we focused on search advertising, partially reduced overall budgets for the GDN, and strengthened remarketing activities. On the GDN, you have to monitor the sites where your ads appear — we've used an automated script-based solution to regulate these sites and eliminate non-targeted traffic.


With the steps described above, we've reduced the cost per click and increased the effectiveness of keywords.

Comparisons of trends for the first and last months are available in the figures below.

We've significantly improved the cost-to-conversion ratio:

increase in conversion by 241%;

reduction in conversion costs by 55.29%;

maintaining positive dynamics for several months.


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