Complex SMM
for a manufacturer of building materials

Client: Siltek

Project description: The Siltek brand, as the part of the Kovalska Group, is not only an expert manufacturer of dry construction blends and paints, polyurethane foam and sealants but also a professional practitioner who checks and improves product quality at his facilities and experiences. He is a member of the industrial and building group "Kovalska", a reliable and progressive leader in the construction materials market and a leading developer in Ukraine.

Service: comprehensive SMM promotion, which includes the formation of content strategy, design, regular filling and administration of pages, launching of advertising campaigns, and monthly analytics in report format.

Social networks: Facebook.

Terms of cooperation: July 2019 – till now.

Project objectives:

  • create a positive image for the company, in particular, by focusing on its expertise;
  • attract the target audience to the page and increase brand loyalty;
  • make the brand more recognizable;
  • acquaint potential clients with the range of products;
  • expand the audience of potential customers;
  • increase the number of interactions and coverage with posts;
  • communication with the audience.
  • Features of the project

    The target audience is quite specific and narrow, so it's harder to choose the content they like best.


    Target audience analysis

    We first analyzed competitors with similar products and, consequently, a similar target audience. We found out which topics are the most popular, which content formats have a positive response.

    We have formed a target audience, which consists of:

  • architectural firms and developers
  • people who have recently purchased or are planning to purchase a home
  • those with an interest in building and architecture
  • construction workers.
  • After that, the main age segment was determined. Our main audience consisted of women and men aged 35 to 44, so we formed the content according to the preferences of this age group.

    Development of headings

    Following that, we began to create headings that would be useful to the target audience as well as those with which the audience will interact as much as possible.

    In particular, these are columns for:

    • entertainment content – about various interesting projects, the latest technologies and trends in design;
    • training – checklists, instructions and advice;
    • reputational – about the company's unique technologies, production and laboratory work;
    • and ​​marketable – new products, descriptions of specific products, comparisons of several, etc.

    Testing of different message formats and visuals

    During the work, we tested different formats of publications: photos, videos, selections, and interactives. We determined that the best coverage is given to videos of production processes, and selections and photos gain more interaction. In terms of visuals, in addition to graphics, we have also begun to actively use live content. For this purpose, once a month we carry out photo, video shooting in the factory, and we adapt the received material for posts.

    The results are as follows:

    Educational posts have the best indicators. For example, tips on how to insulate the balcony, how to properly paint the surface, various checklists, and more.


    Marketable posts also have good levels of interaction and reach, although audiences are less likely to interact with promotional publications. These results are related to the bright design of publications, professional text and targeting the segment of the audience that is most interested in a particular product.

    Reputational content headings are gaining high results. In particular, posts about the company's participation in socially important projects are the best.


    Simple, entertaining content most encourages the target audience to comment on posts. Usually we make various thematic selections with which the audience actively interacts.

    Regarding the formats of posts, we found that the greatest coverage and number of reposts have videos of various production processes, which allow the audience to look behind the scenes of the company.


    To support the interest of the target audience on the page and to encourage them to comment on the posts, we add the following calls to action in the text of the posts: "write your opinion in the comments", "share your impressions" etc. We promptly respond to comments received, even if the comment does not carry a meaningful load.


    Thanks to all these actions, we managed to achieve an increase of +300% of subscribers.

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