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How to bring your site to the TOP of search engines with minimal cost and, importantly, for a long time? LSI copywriting — high-quality expert texts for people — will help you with this.

LSI copywriting is a powerful promotion tool

It is a new word in website promotion. Unlike many SEO articles, LSI texts are written not for indexing by search engines but for people to read them. And, importantly, read to the end.

It may seem that people do not like long articles, but LSI long reads differ from SEO texts «about nothing». They are useful and readable, interesting and well-designed, and are written not by part-time students but by real copywriting pros in compliance with the rules of design and submission of the text.

An example of LSI text can be the voluminous but interesting and helpful text of bloggers who tell colleagues and customers about their profession, news in a particular field, etc.

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What are the benefits of LSI copywriting for business

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LSI texts: benefits

Complete information and minimum water. Informative and readable LSI texts, based on an in-depth analysis of the business niche, give the reader answers to almost all questions about the chosen topic. They inspire the trust and loyalty of the audience and, as a result, improve the behavioral factors on the site.

Extended semantics. In the text, the copywriter uses not only words from the semantic core but also relevant and synonymous queries that he found when collecting search tips. It makes the text as helpful as possible for the reader.

Appropriate use of keywords. As with SEO, copywriters use keywords in LSI copywriting to promote a site on Google for specific queries and help drive free organic traffic to the site. However, in the text, they look organic, without meaningless formulations and phrases, and therefore they do not irritate demanding readers.

High quality. Unique articles of optimal volume with organic keys, full disclosure of the chosen topic, and the correct presentation style work together to promote the site in search engines, increase brand awareness and attract an interested and grateful audience.

What will you get as a result

When ordering LSI copywriting from us, you can be sure of the result.

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Fulfillment of orders on time. We appreciate your time and know how to plan work and meet deadlines.

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High-quality work.Our LSI copywriter writes expert, unique texts in an approved style, without water and semantic repetitions. In addition, all texts undergo a thorough editorial proofreading.

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Transparent cooperation. We provide media plans and detailed reporting, so you always have information about the distribution of the budget and how effective we are.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is LSI copywriting?
LSI copywriting is latent semantic indexing, an effective tool for search engine promotion. It is not focused on robots but people. The main difference between LSI texts and SEO is their usefulness and readability.
2What is the cost of LSI copywriting?
The price of LSI copywriting depends on the volume and complexity of work and the urgency of the order. In any case, during the individual consultation, we will discuss all the details of cooperation.
3Where to order LSI copywriting?
You can order LSI copywriting from our digital agency Lanet CLICK by leaving a request for a callback, sending an email, or calling us.

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