SEO promotion of a medical website

We doubled the number of conversions on the medical center website

Output data


website of a medical center specializing in the treatment of varicose veins

Term of work:

3 months


  • increasing organic traffic;
  • increasing the number of site conversions;
  • growth of positions based on high-frequency requests agreed with the client.


  • high competition;
  • YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) site’s theme.


  • implementation of on-page optimization;
  • correction of technical errors on the site;
  • establishing various types of micro-marking for medical services;
  • implementation of off-page optimization.

What was done

Analyzed competitors.

Developed a website promotion strategy.

Conducted a technical audit of the site.

The semantic core was collected.

Optimized metadata on site pages.

Introduced micro-marking.

Introduced technical specifications for correcting technical errors on the site.

Analyzed the content of the site.

Analyzed external links.

Implemented an external promotion strategy.

The results

Data comparison

  • Previous period: number of clicks in three months: 8718; impressions: 267 thousand; average position: 19.5
  • The period of our work: the number of clicks for three months of our work: 15293; impressions: 463 thousand; average position: 13.6

Data from Google Search Console


Data from Google Analytics


Data from Google Analytics


  • Organic traffic increased by 113.6%
  • Conversions increased by 218.94%

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