Targeted advertising for the charitable foundation

How to attract as many benefactors as possible in conditions of strict advertising rules


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Input data

Customer: International charitable foundation.

Goal: to attract people’s attention to the national program #SaveLimb and motivate them to donate.

Target audience: M/F, 24-65 years old, all Ukrainians who want to support and save the defenders.

Problem: frequent rejection of ads and blocking of advertising accounts due to violations of advertising rules.

Solution: constantly create new banners and launch them. In some cases, appeals help, in this way it was possible to unblock 2-3 banners out of 10.

Work completion period: 30 days.

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List of works

After analyzing the purpose and audience of the advertisement, we decided to choose the “Conversion” format to increase the number of donations. Taking into account previous experience, we chose Facebook as the main placement for displaying ads. The client's complaints about frequent blocking of advertising accounts were also taken into account, which meant that advertisements could not be shown for a long time.



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