Case: YouTube advertising
for Lanet.TV

Achieved 80% video viewing rate

Output data

Satellite signal of the TV channels from major media groups was coded in the first month of 2020. Satellite signal coding forced users to search for another way to watch TV.

The goals of inform-campaign:

  • informing about alternative TV viewing options with an emphasis on Lanet.TV services;
  • increase the subscriber base of Lanet.TV and attract the maximum number of subscribers to the transition to paid technologies of Lanet Network in general;
  • raising awareness and promoting the Lanet.TV brand;

Advertising campaign


from December, 13 2019 to February, 9 2020

The target audience:

users of the satellite TV that was looking for information about satellite signal coding and other ways to watch TV.


  • Lanet.TV is the best alternative to satellite TV;
  • This is exactly what you are looking for;
  • If television, then only Lanet.TV!



Timing: 30 seconds

Geotargeting: Ukraine



The video view rate is quite high, almost 80%, which is a great figure.

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